MV Agusta 910R


This is one beautiful motorcycle that MV Agusta has twaeked to make. I like the Brutale 910, but since they came up with the 910R which is the more performance oriented version of the Brutale S, I really think its beautiful especially with its sutle combination of black and touches of red.

This motorcycle can be driven everyday but with its setup it can also handle the kinds of people who want to push the bike even harder, with better handling and stronger brakes this is one nice catch. Great styling with exquisite styling is what this Italian bike is about.

Whats different from the S:

  • New R colour scheme
  • New 910R logo
  • Tachometer with new numerical scale and Brutale logo.
  • Rider and passenger seat made of “Pieni Fiore” full grain leather
  • Red valve cover
  • Anodised black fork uprights
  • Titanium treated surface applied to lower steering flange, fork, frame plates, and handlebar counterweights







Link: MV Agusta

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  1. Hellraiser

    hey Marzooq whats the price tag on this one, super sexy, move over Duke.

  2. Hellraiser: It goes for $18’000, I’m not sure in Kuwait! I will try to find out!

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