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Out for A Bit


It has been one hell of a day, I’m going to be out for the next day to.

I just spent the last 13 hours at the hospital with my mom at the hospital. I got a call at work that something happened so I went back home and took her to the hospital. I left work with some people and took off, things have been up and down with her and it got worse this morning.

So I’m happy that she agreed to go to the hospital to at least be under observation. She has somebody with her for the night and its 12:30am right now so I’m gonna get a couple of hours of sleep and be back by 4:30am. I think she will be leaving tomorrow but last week was a bit of scare and so was today. A lot of family came by and stayed most of the day a well.

I’m just happy she is a little better. I got work but I’m putting that aside for now. I wanted to post a few other things but I will leave it at this for now and get back to you guys later. What a roller coaster of a day!