Out for A Bit


It has been one hell of a day, I’m going to be out for the next day to.

I just spent the last 13 hours at the hospital with my mom at the hospital. I got a call at work that something happened so I went back home and took her to the hospital. I left work with some people and took off, things have been up and down with her and it got worse this morning.

So I’m happy that she agreed to go to the hospital to at least be under observation. She has somebody with her for the night and its 12:30am right now so I’m gonna get a couple of hours of sleep and be back by 4:30am. I think she will be leaving tomorrow but last week was a bit of scare and so was today. A lot of family came by and stayed most of the day a well.

I’m just happy she is a little better. I got work but I’m putting that aside for now. I wanted to post a few other things but I will leave it at this for now and get back to you guys later. What a roller coaster of a day!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lfc-q8

    i hope she gets well soon. o alah e3eenik matshofoon shar :)

  2. @@
    omg ! im so sorry to hear this
    inshallah tgom bl salamaa …
    being with family is the best thing to do.
    so ya36eek al 3afya .

  3. Kha6aakom ilsooo :(

    So sorry to hear that.. salamaat MZzeee o ya36eek il3afya.. allah egowimha bilsalam inshalah o e7afith’ha..

    *Get well soon Mama Z*

  4. dimplez

    ma 3aliha shar elwalda….ajer o 3afya inshalla

  5. Loca in Kuwait

    I hope that your mom gets better, I will pray for your family.

  6. salamatha and inshallah she’ll get better soon, but you didn’t say what was wrong with her?

  7. Hope she feels better soon, and that it’s nothing serious. You’re being a good son keeping an eye on her.

  8. Missy-TheOriginal

    Allah igawimha bisalama, i6awil ib3omorha wi5aliha lik ya rab withabtik wi2ajrik, i7anin galbik 3alaiha.

    Take care…

  9. sorry to hear that man.. salamatha

  10. Salamat ma etshof shar.. Enshalla she’ll get even better and soon.

  11. zabo0o6a

    ajer o 3afya inshalla , matsho0f shar elwalda .

  12. salamat…hope she’ll get better soon ya rab..

  13. ananyah

    hey babe, thx for your call and voice mail *hug*

    hope she is doing better! wala I’m uber worried when I heard the vmail!

    anyhooooo sms me and update me ok?

    enshalla she’ll be back to her normal self, bossing you around on why not to go to italy at 8am lol

  14. matshoof shar el walda inshallah.. kha6akom essow

  15. salamat.haa 0o ma tshoof shar inshalla..

    inshalla tgoom bil salama, allah y5aleeeeha lekom 0o y6awel ib 3omerhaa..

  16. Lo26aa

    Salamat’haa o Alf La Bas 3lehaa … Allah yegawemhaa bel Salamaa inshallah..Ajer o 3afYa ya Om Marzoog

  17. Kitty: alah esalmich

    lfc-q8: shar ma eyeek! Mashkoor

    no3ik: Alah esalmich mashkoora!

    DiiGMaa: kha6aach elaash. alah esalmich mashkoora! :)

    K: Mashkoor, shar ma eyeek!

    dimplez: mashkoora

    Loca: Thank you!

    Pearls: alah esalmich. she has other medical issues, but when the flu hits her it could get very bad very quickly and so we had to submit her to a specific hospital. The wrong medication could really harm her.

    fadibou: alah esalmik.

    moocherx: Thank you very much!

    Missy: Alah esalmich, mashkoora!

    EniGma: shar ma eyeech mashkoora

    Q8ari: alah esalmich, mashkoora

    a2b: alah esalmik thank you.

    Jacqui: Alah esalmich! Thank you

    zabo0o6a: shar ma eyeech mashkoora.

    MAZE: alah esalmik. Thank you

    ananyah: Thanks! hehehe!

    G-Funk: Shar ma eyeek Mashkoor

    Amo0ora: alah esalmich mashkoora!

    Intlxpatr: Thank you.

    Financy: shar ma eyeek mashkoor

    L026aa: Alah esalmich mashkoora

  18. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m so sorry! I hope she’s a lot better now!

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