Panning Out


First off I would like thank everyone for their kinds words and its very much appreciated.

My mother has gotten better over the past few days, hopefully she will be coming home tomorrow. It has been very hectic, and my mind has been overload for the past couple of days.

Its funny, it really is mind over body. I really didn’t sleep much, if I went home its only because my mother would get angry that I was staying late and come at dawn. Its usually because I can’t sleep and my mind is bouncing at 300 kph, I couldn’t think of anything except what to do and what I needed to do and keep things smooth. I also thought about work, and what I had to do. I try to keep a clear head at all times, but I ignored everything else because it wasn’t priority one in my head.

She had a rough first two days but slowly things have gotten better. And my family was constantly there, and somebody was always bringing food or something, it was good. And it kept the mood light. We also gave food to other patients in the ward with us and the nurses because the hospital food was so horrible. You could tell people really appreciated it. And in the section we were in, some people were in a lot of pain and you wish you could help them. Its hard not to want to help, even something small.

I have a lot to talk about regarding hospitals, but thats a later point.

I was forced to come back home early by the family since I looked like a Zombie. I couldn’t go to sleep when I got home, I called and it seemed everyone was enjoying themselves with my brother, aunts, cousins, and a few other people there with my mother she was enjoying herself and it seemed she wasn’t having any problems. But I couldn’t just go to sleep so I went for a quick ride on my bike and got a bite to eat before passing out.

I will be going in around 6:30 am to beat traffic and then go to work because I have a lot on my plate, and my brother will be there. Good family and good friends, things couldn’t be any better.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7imdillah 3ala salamat-ha
    I didnt check out ur blog the past few days, so its good to see that everything is back to normal again.
    hope she feels better.

  2. il.7mdlaaaah shes getting better now..

    walla the things you do put a smile on my face, its soo good to see a guy taking this much care for his mother..

    allah y5aaleek laha 0o y5aleeha lek inshalla..

  3. Hope you all get through this. allah ykoon feee 3onkom!

  4. i’ve been keeping up with you post, only i haven’t had time to say anything.
    Elwalda ma etshoof shar inshalla and i will remember her in my prayers :)
    take care of yourself too, i am sure it’s hard for your mother to see you very tired

  5. sharif

    Just a word of thought zouq,Next time if you do something try not to disclose it but keep it as a secret

  6. I’m so relieved she’s feeling better now

  7. Big B

    Elwalda ma etshoof shar inshallah, i feel good now after hearing that she’s feeling better now, ive been checking your post 4-5 times a day just to see how things are. If you need any help please do not hesitate and take care of yourself :)

  8. 7mdellah 3a salamatha…i’m happy she is getting better now…i know how it feels coz i’ve passed thru similar situations where all your thinking is about her…enshalla khair bro…w salamat once more…:)

  9. Missy-TheOriginal

    I’m happy she’s ok =)

  10. EniGma: Mashkoora!

    Laialy: Shar ma eyeech mashkoora! Nah, I will keep kicking no matter what!

    sharif: like what exactly?

    Pearls: thank you!

    Big B: Shar ma eyeek mashkoor! And your words are very appreciated!

    MAZE: alah esalmik! alah esahil 3alaik o 3al jamee3! Mashkoor!

    Missy: Thank you!

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