Endless To Do List


So I have had some time to just start thinking of lists, things I want to do, watch, read, buy, and everything else! And its a funny list.

  • Ubuntu, Gonna get it soon, more about that later
  • Carbon Fiber, love it
  • Need to download more music
  • Ducati 999 vs. Ducati 1098
  • Maybe getting a bike (hint hint)
  • Parts for modification
  • Picking up magazines
  • Getting things on schedule
  • Got work travel
  • Need to go somewhere for a break, not sure where
  • More anime needed
  • Did I download all my anime?
  • I need to watch 24
  • anime.. did I remember everything
  • I want to learn Spanish (Need motivation)
  • Need to take a motorcycle race track course, Spain if possible or UK in the summer
  • I want to take a really really long ride, all over Europe or across the west coast in the states
  • Sleep in some day… maybe
  • Go to Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia

This is one of those wild lists! The one you just start thinking and your mind starts rambling on its own and it just goes from one thing to the other. Its funny as hell, some are more possible then the other.

I got a nasty papercut which really is annoying and I dont know how it can bleed so damn much! I will wrap that up in a second.

Well I will tick a few off that list, thats for sure. Some are just rediculous, but still possible!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I want to learn spanish too bes where…..

  2. Missy-TheOriginal

    Missy’s Wild List:

    *go to the Bahamas and NOW!!
    *Sco.Diving, MountainBiking, HorsebackJumping, (anything crazy)
    *Get a tattoo (unless its too painfu)
    *Go to Japan and master my Kanji and Hiragana/Katakana
    *Go to paris and take a course
    *Take a professional cooking class
    *Finish my M.A. and PH.D.
    *Clone Marzouq (just joshinya)
    *Return my two kittens (god know where they are)I miss them

    O this is useless …mine could go on forever :/

  3. dimplez

    since u mentioned the states n ur list..i have 1 off topic question…

    did u ever fly with united airlines the direct q8-d.c flight?

    im off to the states and thinking of trying it out

  4. “Go to Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia”

    as of now the only thing i have on my list is “PASS my courses”

  5. MAZE: a book and friend! hehehe

    Missy: seems like you have a list too! Tattoo meh, not really! looool! Cloning again! hehehe!

    dimplez: A friend rode it and he said it was pretty bad! If you want to try something then try Virgin airlines out of UAE, lots of entertainment!

    Laialy: looool! Inshalla tinja7een!

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    My cousin did the really really long ride, across Europe!! He said he would advice every biker to do it! I’m planning that but when I have kicked my girl out! So after 10 years maybe!

    Missy: I have a tattoo in the back of my neck!!! It doesn’t hurt as much as some say. And planning for at least 2 more! But my advice is don’t make something you’ll feel bad about it when you’re 70 years old! So think before!

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