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I always kept a surplus of magazines just in case if I ever wanted to go through and read them at one point. They are mostly motorcycle magazines which are only sold in the UK and for some reason getting a subscription for them is hell.

That aside, while I was in the hospital I read through 13 motorcycle magazines, and I started one book which I won’t be able to stop at this point. After reading motorcycle magazines I’m going to rank my liking of the different British Motorcycle magazines and there are a lot.

Motorcycle Magazine Ranking:

  1. Superbike
  2. Fast Bikes
  3. Performance Bikes (PB)
  4. TWO
  5. RIDE
  6. BIKE
  7. MCN

I based this on the attitude behind the writing and the “real” information I get from reviews on motorcycles and items. Sometimes you get the feeling the journalists are playing too nice just to make sure they don’t upset the manufacturers. Well Superbike is number one because they are so damn hilarious! They literally rip on the different companies and don’t care! I appreciate their honesty!

I also started Trudi Caravan’s Priestess of the White and I’m loving the book, can’t put it down.

While reading magazines I can easily listen to my mp3 player, but when reading the book I prefer silence.

Now I need to figure out how to get more magazines since I know they don’t bring them to Kuwait.

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  1. lfc-Q8

    did u try amazon?

  2. ananyah

    I’ll buy em, just gimme a list of what u want and I’ll Aramex them to u or something

  3. lfc-Q8: Only one is available!

    ananyah: I will be sending you an email soon with the list!

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