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Little Man


Its funny at this point my nephew just enforces his rule and I can’t help but want to play with the little kid. When he wore jeans and a t-shirt a little while back he looked like a little man running around, it made me laugh and I loved the way he looked. And he sometimes does the funniest thing and its funny, if you tell him no he says “Neo Neo Neo” then he trys to find another way around you to get where he wants to go. I seriously can’t stop laughing.

Its amazing how fast kids grow, mashalla, I see him now how he pulls himself up a little to get something on a table and when he wants something he points ans says “Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine” and I keep laughing when he does that. He really has come out like, he loves tangerines just like me and he does something my mother said I used to do a lot too, he throws balls over the balcony and then points down and says “ball ball ball”. My mother said I used to throw things over the balcony all the time, I just started laughing. I love naughty kids, and even when seeing my cousin’s kids who are a bit naughty too its nice. Its amazing how fast kids grow over the period of a week or two, you just feel they are a little different, and sometimes its just the haircut! hehe