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In The Shop


After driving this vehicle so hard constantly I just had a problem for the first time and I was surprised this just came up now. Especially over the last week I have been pushing the Landcruiser pretty hard and I usually push it hard to get it to do what I want and fast.

I was driving to the hospital the other day and notice that my oil level was really low, so I went and got about 6 Liters and topped it off. I didn’t think much of it, then I had to get someting and I moved the vehicle but stopped because I forgot something so I only moved a few meters foward. Then I saw the spot I was parked it and there was a huge oil spot on the ground. So I looked under the Landcruiser and it was leaking oil, it didn’t look like too much and the gauge only dropped a bit.

I took it in and I found out that the oil hoses that connect it to the cooling unit were damaged and by the time I took it in they blew the seals. Since I was there I decided to get an oil change and filter change. To get it fixed and to get the vehicle service only cost me 57KD, and they told me its a minor thing and only happens every once and a while. I was thinking that this is the first time something like this happened and at 111’400 KM on the odometer, its good it lasted this long the way I drive it! I love this Landrcuiser even when you brake it keeps going and cheap to fix.