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New Plates..


They say they made these new plates to make it standardized in Kuwait and easy to read, but I know thats pretty much BS.

The real reasons are pretty simple:

  1. Somebody is making a huge profit off these new plates. Whenever they make new plates somebody just got the order to outfit the whole damn country.
  2. Cars from areas such as Ahmady, Farwaniya, Mubaraak Al Kabeer, and Jahra are valued less then cars that are registered in the City(Asimah) and Hawally. They say that it isn’t fair, but I think its fair to a certain degree. Usually the vehicles you get from the other areas the cars seem to be pretty beat up. I have seen some BMWs that look like they are pretty abused as if they just came out of battle with so many scratches and plastic parts falling apart, and when they want to sell they fix it cosmetically but not mechanically. I just think its total BS.

Other then that I think they are bland and ugly, previously you could see the other one s pretty clearly in my opinion.