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Night Bite

It has been an interesting day with work, family and then I went out with some friends because they wanted some help with electronics and I wanted to pick up a few things. But towards of the night I got hungry and so I ordered a plain cheese pizza and I got my coke like usual. Anytime I have pizza I have to have coke.



Then I switched on the tv and put on The Movie Channel on Showtime and it was playing MIB, I can’t believe that it was since 1997. I still love the movie and still enjoy watching the movie. It has Linda Fiorentino in the movie who is supposed to be the hottie in it. I really enjoy how funny it is, and I loved the role Tommy Lee Jones plays. I also loved Will Smith in this movie, and I’m huge fan of the guy. It brings back good memories, and I also remember seeing in the movie theater in the states and I even remember who I saw it with. I can watch this movie a million times and still enjoy it.