W880i Unboxing




I really wanted this phone and after seeing it I decided to get it. W880i is one slim phone with a great interface. I really do enjoy the Sony Ericsson interface and its extremelly light. I got it for 185 KD and I have to say its worth it because its so damn light. I usually wait on a phone and don’t get the first version but this is one hell of phone and I just hope it doesn’t show any issues with time, but I think that is asking a lot.

  • Phone
  • Battery
  • USB
  • 1GB Micro Memory Stick
  • Headphones
  • CD (software)
  • Manual









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  1. DeReD

    U must do a FULL review… i want one without the Arabic writings..

    Howz the battery life?

  2. How could a design be soo UGLY !!!! sorry but i can’t help it !!

  3. Carlsb3rg

    The phone is so sexy and hot,, but i just felt that paying 185 for a design is too much.( I have k800)

  4. what’s the spec, especially the camera, and wifi capability?

  5. Marzouq? I noticed the pictures you post on your blog are so big and clear mashallah. I’m using wordpress too but I just posted a picture on my blog and it comes out so small. When I try to expand it by entering the dimentional percentages, it comes out all de-fragmented and ugly. How do you do it?

  6. apparently the sharq guys gives you 10 kd less when you want to sell the old handy if it doesnt have arabic :((

  7. i wouldnt spend 185 on a mobile . Maybeeeeeeee if it was like a PDA or the nokia communicator .. MAYBE ill buy it with that amount .

    but a plain mobile .. no ..

    currently im using the Nokia N70.. its a good mobile but kinda big .. i want to exchange it with the E50

  8. Did u get the sunglasses with the phone too…:P

  9. 1. mabrook
    2. it seems pretty cool
    3. i think sony ericsson’s are not user friendly

  10. sony ericsson oo bs.. mabrook bro, 3alaik bil 3afya
    too skinny for me though.. lo ana chan kesarta ib youm haha
    i think ill stick to my k800i though; i’m sure this one won’t dissappoint u- let us know how it works out :)

  11. weshalem, looks so tiny and sleek and cute lol

  12. This phone looks cool…I kinda want one…2 questions though:

    1- What is the resolution of the camera in megapixel?

    2- Why does it have a picture of Fadel Shaker on the box? Does that mean the phone has his songs as ringtones included already?

  13. Mabrook! It sure looks sharp.

    For those who asked, the camera has a 2mp camera and a VGA camera for video calls.

  14. DeReD: I will be writing a full review as soon as I transfer everything over the weekend!

    G-Funk: hehehehe! Its no iPhone? hehehe. I like the Sony Ericsson UI and how thin it is. Thats why!

    Carlsb3rg: I know, but I really wanted the thin phone and the SE software UI!

    moocherx: I will get all the details!

    Missy: I use photoshop and set the width to 400 and it automatically adjusts the hieght, and then it fits fine!

    Cyber: Thats good, I prefer without arabic, less messy!

    Financy: I couldn’t hold back on this phone, it was the one phone that I really wanted. I see lots of phones, but never wanted one like this one!

    MAZE: No! looool! I’ve had it for a while!

    Laialy: Mashkoora! Really, the Sony Ericsson just takes some getting used to!

    junoony: Mashkoor! alah e3afeek! I will be posting details later inshalla!

    Swair: looool!

    Angelo: 2 megapixel, his songs come on the damn phone even if I dont want em!

    Sabah: Alah ebarik ib 7ayatik!

  15. Yeah, Maze is right… whats with the glasses?? Lol!!! Well at least u have a kind of “decorative sense of style” for ur pics!!! Nice phone! Cant wait for the review, cuz I need to buy a phone for my hubby. I think he is tired of that stupid ol I Mate……. any other suggestions for a good phone wud be appreciated.

  16. LOL I bought it last Thursday for Uncle, He called telling me he wanted a gift and I go okay what, he goes a phone, the new w880i, so I got it for him from Barrak and it was a great deal, they only had the silver of course and none of the black ones.

    It’s still not my type.

  17. Marzouq ,

    I have yet to come incounter with a sony erricson phone that got my attention. They lack that attention design appeal , I agree that they have a good UI. but their design is soo poor. one of the reasons that makes me want to buy a phone is it’s design. But ofcourse . Technology comes first . This phone has nothing new to it’s pre-dessors. except its size . other than that.. it’s just the same as any SE phone.

  18. NoNoWa: loool! Its just my glasses! I will write up the review after transfering everything! I do recommend the N73 Music Edition!

    Jacqui: hehehe! Its nice though!

    G-Funk: It think it has a good enough fot the tech in it. I like the clean look of it, thats why I went for it!

  19. I have the N73 music edition myself. My husband got it for me on my bday!! I guess I cud just give it to him, and instead get me another new phone…lol!!!! U can never have too many phones….
    Thanks for the input

  20. Nora-Cassandra

    What ever you say, I’ll still keep my Nokia! :)

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