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Long Day – SB Expo


I was at the Smart Building Expo at the Movenpick, and I had a presentation which was supposed to be at 11:30am, but because everyone always runs over schedule and so I didn’t present until 1:30pm and I was pretty tired by then. I had to come into work at 6:45am to finish a few things up at work before heading over the Expo. I was sitting on the panel for the presentation for over 3 hours before my time to present came, and I have to say that I went a little to quick, but I was tired at that point and I made a note to myself. Next time I will do better, and I need to slow down a bit. It wasn’t too bad there were about 70 people in the conference and the presentations was pretty interesting, but there was which was horrible and killed the crowd.

I went home after the first session of the Expo to get some rest, I was exhausted from the past couple of days. After lunch and sitting with my family for a bit I passed out.

Quick Nap:

6:00pm to 9:00pm

And if my nephew didn’t come in and walk up to me while I was on the bed then I wouldn’t have woken up. I’m still exhausted but still lots of work left.