Long Day – SB Expo


I was at the Smart Building Expo at the Movenpick, and I had a presentation which was supposed to be at 11:30am, but because everyone always runs over schedule and so I didn’t present until 1:30pm and I was pretty tired by then. I had to come into work at 6:45am to finish a few things up at work before heading over the Expo. I was sitting on the panel for the presentation for over 3 hours before my time to present came, and I have to say that I went a little to quick, but I was tired at that point and I made a note to myself. Next time I will do better, and I need to slow down a bit. It wasn’t too bad there were about 70 people in the conference and the presentations was pretty interesting, but there was which was horrible and killed the crowd.

I went home after the first session of the Expo to get some rest, I was exhausted from the past couple of days. After lunch and sitting with my family for a bit I passed out.

Quick Nap:

6:00pm to 9:00pm

And if my nephew didn’t come in and walk up to me while I was on the bed then I wouldn’t have woken up. I’m still exhausted but still lots of work left.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. that’s on of my weakest point when presenting, i talk fast
    i’ve been trying to work on it
    one time i had a student in class remind me so every time i looked at him while presenting i would slow down

  2. lol This reminds me of our conference we’re currently holding. Some of the speaking engineers didnt attended on time, what’s worse some of the main speakers didn’t attend at all which made it so hard to keep control over the whole event. I’ve only been working for a year and a few months but I’m so disappointed at how things are run here. Today an Egyptian guest was giving out his presentation, in the middle of his speech, they brought in his demonstrations on a wheeled board- squeaking- and the mic went dead- he got so upset he threw the mic on the table and was very tensed. That’s one of the reasons why I usually come 2 hours before I give a lecture or a presentation to make sure everything is in tact. Efficiency, punctuality, diplomacy, formal communication is in demand especially if its on an international scale.

  3. Laialy: I need to work on it at this point, I was talking faster then I was thinking.

    Missy: Wow! What conference are you at? That didn’t happen with us. It takes really good organization to get a conference together. Its better to see the presentation before they present, sometimes there are some really horrible presentors and that kills!

  4. Eng. conference, Marina Hotel. The funny part is that you’d think if you had 2 years and a half to prepare for such an event you’d pretty much do it ‘right’ – or at least proofread your opening speech so that you don’t come out as an idiot with 4th grade grammatical mistakes and fragments- by all means give it to someone to check it for you, but they only got inspired 6 months ago to work on it – typical. It wasn’t really that bad marzouq i’m a little bit exaggerating. Frankly I expected it to be much worse but I know they’re capable of so much more, especially with the budget they had *shrug*

  5. Missy: Yeah, its typical only to work on something a little before it happens. Very annoying when you see that, and its very unprofessional. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes.

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