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I have this tendency not to delete text messages, I’m not sure why but sometimes I remember what was going on when reading the text messages and I laugh, but my list got so long it took a long while to go through them.

Number of Text Messages: 1368

After an hour of going through them and deleting the ones which were useless I got down to 323 text message which is pretty decent compared to before and you can go through them. Some people automatically delete messages, I usually can’t do that right away for some reason. And some text messages are too funny to delete.

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  1. Nano

    ur actually inspiring me to start my own blog urs is the
    first ive ever read & guess wht I LIKE :) I had that habit of
    keeping msgs too but sometimes the phone cant handle tht
    many so u have to let go i just keep my favourites.

  2. i love sms’s… i just erased the simple ones that say thing like just “okay” or a smiley face.. or the ones that bring back bad memories.. i think i have around 100 text messages on my fon lol

    yes, i get alot of smileys and “okay”s LOL

  3. holy moly that’s alot!
    mabroooooooook on the W880 by the way!
    and also, I’ve been a user of Sony Ericsson for a while, and just to let you know, they usually have a limit to the amount of msgs you can store..
    Usually about 100 msgs only.. divided into sent and received.. so be careful with that in the w880 =/

  4. just wondering marzouk … what would u do when u change ur mobile ? can u take ur SMS with u ?

    i couldnt take my old sms from my sony ericson to the nokia

  5. its like your explaining me !!

    i do the same but no one understands when i tell them that i cant erase them.. i go through them when im bored and they make me laugh, they remind me of what happened that particular day or they might just be really sweet msgs..

    dont worry keep all the msgs you want ;p

  6. i keep a folder for the ones i wanna save
    ask me why ASK ME ASK ME
    ok ok
    i’ll tell you
    because there are always nosy people who wanna see other people’s msgs for NO DAMN REASON

  7. Nano: I’m happy your enjoying the blog! You should start your own! Yeah, I saw that I had too many text msgs and my phone was lagging because of it so I just went through it and deleted the ones I didn’t need.

    Swair: loool! I try to delete those right away!

    Berserk-KW: Thanks! With Nokia you can have as much as the memory can hold!

    Financy: From Nokia to Nokia you can transfer text messages, but from Nokia to anything else you can’t.

    K: I know! hehehe

    Amo0ora: hehehe! It was just too many, I kept about 300 hundred which isn’t too bad in comparison!

    Laialy: loooool! I know what you mean, but my msgs are confusing and make no sense!

  8. Nora-Cassandra

    1368?? How many years did it take??

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