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Chocolate Bar Kuwait



I have to say that I am not a chocolate person, and it doesnt entice me at all. Usually when you visit houses or when I come home I see pile of chocolate and I don’t even give it a second thought. This time I saw some chocolates in different kind of presentation then I saw it was from Chocolate Bar. I keep reading about people visiting Chocolate Bar and hearing about people visintg it, I’m not much of Chocolate person so I didn’t even go. When I saw the chocolate sitting on the table at home I thought why not try it out, I have no clue what it is or whats in it.

I tried the turtle looking chocolate and then the round one, and I have to say that both were nothing short of delicious! I never knew it could taste so damn good. All day long whenever I would pass by them I would stop to take one or two on way somewhere! These chocolates were presented differently and nicely, and on top of that they tasted fresh and chocolaty, it wasn’t too sweet that you get tired of it so I kept eating them throughout the day. I think I will be passing by Chocolate Bar one of these days.