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I have to say that I am not a chocolate person, and it doesnt entice me at all. Usually when you visit houses or when I come home I see pile of chocolate and I don’t even give it a second thought. This time I saw some chocolates in different kind of presentation then I saw it was from Chocolate Bar. I keep reading about people visiting Chocolate Bar and hearing about people visintg it, I’m not much of Chocolate person so I didn’t even go. When I saw the chocolate sitting on the table at home I thought why not try it out, I have no clue what it is or whats in it.

I tried the turtle looking chocolate and then the round one, and I have to say that both were nothing short of delicious! I never knew it could taste so damn good. All day long whenever I would pass by them I would stop to take one or two on way somewhere! These chocolates were presented differently and nicely, and on top of that they tasted fresh and chocolaty, it wasn’t too sweet that you get tired of it so I kept eating them throughout the day. I think I will be passing by Chocolate Bar one of these days.



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  1. Zahed

    are you gona have any of them for tonights gathering hmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Chocolate Bar IS AMAZING! My boss keeps some small plastic wrapped balls of chococlates and nuts from Chocolate Bar and I always get the urge to steal some on the way out of his office. They are small but have layers inside them madri shi7i6oo feehum bass fathee3een mashala!

    Anyway, when you go inshala you should try dipping the marshmellows, cookies and strawberries intothe hot melted choclate. It’s amazing!

    Im hungry!

  3. Are you kidding me? But chocolate is like… manna from heaven! Dude… not into chocolate, not into coffee… are you even human? You… you… you Dalek! Yes… a giant teakettle sent to “Ex-tir-minate”.
    That said… the fondue there, especially the dark chocolate makes me cry from the sheer beauty of it.

  4. Chocolate Bar in Kuwait is nothing like the ‘ORIGINAL’ Choco. Bar in Harrods, London- but I guess we can make use of the one we have here and I have to give them credit for the nice design and nice tasting choc. I don’t like their waiters, though, or service and sometime stheir glasses smells like ‘zifar’-blukh! But if you’re going there marzouq, try the famous “Molten Cake”. I go there and literally af9il since chocolate makes me crazy hehe… I’m planning to indulge myself with one very soon too :P *slurp!* hehe

  5. Purgatory72


  6. I don’t get the idea of going to a place, sit, call the waiter, order, have chocolate, pay, get up then head out. Its chocolate, why a whole place for it!!

  7. Jeez Purg! You sure seem in desperate need for a piece of chocolate- easies you down ;)

  8. Purgatory72

    He does it on purpose, someone needs to stop him!

  9. Nano

    mmmmm I love chocolate especially whn
    I have a long nasty day like today! If u decide to go u better
    try the chocolate UM 3ALI replica DELICIOUS it just makes
    my heart skip a beat , each spoon has a surprise waiting in it
    :) its called “chocolate au pain” YIKES or try the molten !

  10. Yazeed: hahahahaha! I didn’t expect that from you! hahahahaha

    Pearls: Yup its good!

    Zahed: hell No!

    1001: I will try everything you are recommending! And you should steal some on the way out, you work hard enough!

    SnoCone: hehehe! Yup not a chocolate person really! Ok I will try it out based on what everyone is saying!

    Missy: I think its pretty good from what everyone keeps saying. looool! Tafseleen min el Chocolate! Thats a new one to me! I will try out the Molten Cake though! :)

    Purg: LOOOOL!

    True Faith: I think they have good chocolate, I don’t know! Have you been there?

    MAZE: 7amdilla, thats great!

    Nano: Well I hope your day gets better! O I will be sure to try it!

  11. i’m not a chocolate person either, and chocolate bar was nothing special to me
    the round ones remind me of Ferrero Roche

  12. zabo0o6a

    i’m a chocoholic i skip meals to have a candy bar s0 choco bar is a heaven to me :P but i’m into dark chocolate more than anything else.

  13. Laialy: The round ones tasted the best! I’m not a chocolate person either but these sweets have made me curious of what they might have!

    zabo0o6a: loooool! Its funny how chocolate might affect some people!

  14. NEW YORK CITY- Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar, New York City’s candy store for grown-ups announced today that the company has reached a partnership deal with Dubai-based HFK General Trading to expand the brand to the Countries of India and Pakistan. The ten year deal could bring as many as 10 Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar’s to the regions and expected to begin rolling out over 2008. The move is part of an aggressive expansion plan to bring Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar’s into new settings and markets. Last year, Chocolate Bar announced a similar deal with Dubai-based Gourmet Company to expand the brand to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Chocolate Bar’s first Middle East location will be unveiled this Summer in Dubai’s Old Town Burj Dubai. Since it’s inception in 2002, Chocolate Bar has received numerous awards including Timeout New York’s “Best Chocolate Store”, Wallpaper Magazines’ “Favorite Stores Around the World”, the Inc. 5000 Award for one of the “Fastest Growing Private Company’s in America” and the Crain’s Business “40 under 40” for founder Alison Nelson. “The exciting thing about launching in these vibrant new markets is the opportunity to introduce our chocolate products to new consumers while at the same time creating original items influenced by that cultures customers. The store itself, the gift items and our ongoing desire to experiment with how chocolate fits into people’s lives is what keeps Chocolate Bar moving forward. To me, Chocolate Bar has never been just a store. It’s your neighborhood place and it keeps evolving with quality and taste as our basic guiding principles.” states Chocolate Bar, Founding Owner, Alison Nelson. In 2007, the company opened its third location inside of New York’s legendary specialty store Henri Bendel. Chocolate Bar at Henri Bendel serves its own line of chocolate confections, baked goods, savory sandwiches, soups and salads, imported wine, beer and champagne. In 2006, the company unveiledChocolate Bar LBI located a block from the Atlantic Ocean in Long Beach Island, NJ. The original Chocolate Bar is located at 48 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan’s West Village. For more information please visit

  15. Mare: Thank you for the information, but I think the Chocolate Bar in Kuwait has been around since 2002 or 2003 as well. I’m just proud that it is such a good store in Kuwait. I hope that the Nyc Chocolate Bar is successful as well!

  16. abubaker

    I have been to this place once and it sucks.
    Very poor customer service and I advice my friends not to go near even.
    On top of these, the time they take for billing and giving the cash back will take ages.
    If I need to complain, the guy who supplied me didnt tell me the right information.

    In total, kindly dare to enter the so called Chocolate Bar.

  17. Armand

    hello do you have any information if there is a chocolate with a brand name of QUIVET thanks

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