Its been one hectic week, one thing after the other and sleeping at odd times. Catching up with work and trying to take care of all the other things has drained me, but I will relax this weekend since I will be traveling for work on late Friday night for work as well.

Things on the map:

  • Riding
  • 24 Episodes 12 & 13
  • Heroes and Friday Night Lights
  • Getting some rest
  • More Riding
  • Anime

I want to keep things simple this weekend, and use my brain as less as possible this weekend. I will also be eating when necessary, I haven’t felt this exhausted in a while that it has kept me from riding.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. almost the same as last week’s list lol

  2. Pearls: Simple man.. simple pleasures! Wait.. its not so simple .. more like I know what I like! hehehe

  3. i hope you enjoy your weekend and get the rest you need

  4. btw.. i tried to downloaded photoshop ams and i tried doing what you said about the pics.. still came out blurry and defragmented as soon as i enlarge it, what am i doing wrong? Is it really this hard to post a clear large picture? ='[

  5. Laialy: Thank you! :)

    Missy: hmmm.. Don’t enlarge a picture! Only shrink it, always try to keep it below 400 pixels wide! but never enlarge it! Were you trying to enlarge it? Email me a sample of what your doing and the original picture! I can see what your doing and tell me what you want!

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