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Lite Night


It was really a funny night we started off watching Voltron from episode one and in the beginning it was only me and friend so while we were watching more and more people were getting caught up with the show. Everything reminded each one of us of the old days, but we only watched two episodes before switching over to 24 for a bit. Then I made everyone remain silent for the entire session of the show. I only managed to watch one episode, but its gotten insane, I dont know whats going to happen to Jack now!!

Then we had Muchboos Chicken for dinner, chicken pie, spring rolls, and sambusak. I went for the chicken with lights amount of rice, I’m also very slow in eating while everyone else was finished up. Then we started a movie which we all found funny, the other part is that once the movie was done the conversation got stirred to work and cars. Back and forth with funny stories and things that happened during the day, but I could tell we were all tired. Just happy I still have another episode of 24!