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Moto GP – Round One Ducati


Race: 1 out of 18

Winner: Casey Stoner – Ducati Marloboro Team

Location: Qatar

This Moto GP race is going in history books because they lowered the machines size from 1000cc in 2006 to 800cc for the 2007 season, and from all the testing being done before the season these machines were going faster on the tracks then the 1000cc Moto GP Factory Motorcycles and breaking records. It was strange and exciting, and it was exciting as I thought it was going to be.

Casey Stoner was fighting with Valentino Rossi for the first place position throughout the race, but he managed to get a hold of it at the end. Casey Stoner is a great rider and it seems this year Ducati has a good machine on their hands. There are a lot of unknown factors coming in this season so its going to be interesting. Casey Stoner won with a 2.8 second lead and set a track record. It was a good race for a lot of people, Pedrose, Hopkins, and Rossi were all putting their full efforts in the race. Rossi and Stoner set such a high pace that the other racers couldn’t close the gap towards the end. This is going to be one hell of a season.







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