Funny Night


So While I was at work I set my PC to compile a lot of Episodes of Friday Night Lights to burn so I can watch at my cousins house. By the time I got home it was perfect all that was needed was to burn them on DVD which takes 5 minutes each. I have episodes 3-10 burnt onto 4 DVDs.

All was great, by the time I got home work I had lunch while watching Episode 13 of 24 and it was insane! I really wasn’t expecting things to go that way. I love it when the stories slowly start tying together then something insane happens the course changes, and Jack Bauer is kicking ass left right and center!

Then I head over to my cousin on the bike, and since I didn’t have anywhere to put the DVDs I put it in my back pocket. I was riding for bit before I got there.

We started off with Friday Night Lights and everything was great, and as the show progressed there was some deterioration of the quality. Then we decided to order some 31 Baskin Robbins. As we were trying out the other DVDs, it turned out because it was in my back pocket they were rubbing against each other, I was chuckling about it and my cousin wanted to beat me like a Mexixan pinata! But we managed to watch and understand most of everything but we had to skip 3 episodes of FNL which were completely incomprehensible.

It was a funny night, then I road home completely tired and sleepy since I was passing out at my cousins house!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mexixan pinata
    someone was sleepy, on that note have you ever beaten a pinata? IT SURE IS FUN
    also, what’s up with the womens underwear?!?!?! how does that relate?

  2. hey dude, i was just wondering, what app do u use to burn ur episodes on DVD, i thought it takes an hr or so like it does with me using nero, or do u burn them as data files and play them on a dvd player which supports divx?!

  3. Laialy: hehehe! I was searching relaxing night and that picture showed up making me laugh! hehehe! No relation just made me laugh!

    Stafs: I use ConvertXDVD, it works perfectly, but no real options, just puts it on the DVD really clearly! No I burn them as DVDs, it takes about 2 hours to compile and 5 minutes to burn, its the compilation that takes a while not the burning, whats great about this software is that you can compile 4-5 dvds concurrently and then burn them one by one so it only takes 25 mins after the two hour compilation. Works great!

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