Going to CeBIT


I was informed about two weeks ago that I would be going to Germany for CeBIT is a IT & electronics convention that takes place in Hannover Germany every year. Its every vendor from every possible region in one spot. I heard its huge and there is a lot to cover, its going to be interesting.

I have a lot of work at work that I wish I was here to finish, but I’m going with my boss to the convention so its going to be interesting. I will be taking a ton of pictures.

There is a lot to cover and there will be a lot of traveling, I will be going this evening on Lufthanse, and connecting in Frankfurt to Hanover. I’m assuming everyone will be there.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It sounds like fun! I always wanted to go to these events but my brother is so selfish. Do enjoy your time! =*

  2. I went there a long long time ago. The place is so huge, it has its own bus network to take you from hall to hall. Each Hall is as big as all of the Mishref fairgroud put together. The exhibtiion has its own train station to ship people in and out. I am sure you will enjoy it.

  3. Missy: Alah esalmich, Mashkoora! I will hopefully be able to get some work done too!

    Don Veto: Thanks for the heads up! I will make sure to wear some comfortable sneakers!

  4. Eee belsalamh inshallah. I hope you will have the time to explore Hanover a bit. I really love to be in a job that lets me travel the world :)

  5. troo7 oo itrid bil salama inshallah
    i have the feeling that this blog will turn into engadget :P

  6. i always tell myself that i should go the the next cebit, then come march, i lose interest…. it’s smthg to see at least once; maybe next year !

    have fun

  7. etroo7 oo etred bil salama :D

    moshkila ina i don’t fit into ur suitcase :p

  8. Toroo7 weh terja3 besalama, loot as much free gear as possible, regardless of whether you want it or not; if its free take it.

  9. How neat … i’d loved to go to something like that
    i think they have something similar in vages too
    have fun ^_^

  10. Angelo: I haven’t had the chance to look around yet, been to hectic. Honestly I don’t like traveling for work its too annoying.

    Yazeed: alah esalmik! looool!

    Financy: Alah esalmik!

    joud: Yeah its worth seeing, really interesting really.

    Swair: Alah esalmich! Lol!

    mooodi: Alah esalmik! Sara7a I walk around too much to carry items.

    Laialy: Yeah there is one in Vegas, but this is bigger! :)

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