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After interacting with a lot of Germans I have come to quite a few conclusion, some are obvious and some are interesting.


  • They love their cars
  • They don’t understand all types of humor
  • They are extremely proud of their language
  • Not all of them speak English, even the ones at the convention
  • They love Beer (Obvious)
  • They love sausages
  • They love Pork
  • They Love Coke (No a Pepsi can in sight)
  • They are really professional
  • They are damn tall!
  • They are very helpful, even if they dont speak English they really go out of their way!

Its really weird seeing an asian speaking German, for some reason it just doesn’t fit in my head! Lots of interesting people and they all work really hard, I was just wondering when they take a damn vacation. I could be totally wrong with these points, but its the conclusion I have come to!