After interacting with a lot of Germans I have come to quite a few conclusion, some are obvious and some are interesting.


  • They love their cars
  • They don’t understand all types of humor
  • They are extremely proud of their language
  • Not all of them speak English, even the ones at the convention
  • They love Beer (Obvious)
  • They love sausages
  • They love Pork
  • They Love Coke (No a Pepsi can in sight)
  • They are really professional
  • They are damn tall!
  • They are very helpful, even if they dont speak English they really go out of their way!

Its really weird seeing an asian speaking German, for some reason it just doesn’t fit in my head! Lots of interesting people and they all work really hard, I was just wondering when they take a damn vacation. I could be totally wrong with these points, but its the conclusion I have come to!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I never noticed if they were tall! But I think you got the other points right! They are very friendly people!! :D

  2. i never knew they prefered Coke over Pepsi.. weird lol

  3. marzouq thats exactly what i thought the 1st time i went to germany.. how odd it looked to see asians speak perfect accentless german

  4. i think coke is big in europe in general (not counting the uk, to me its a pepsi country)

    and hey, ur list doesnt apply to ppl who work at frankfurt airport (only the coke, tall, sausage, and pork parts apply) :P

  5. in frankfurt i noticed that germans are kind of rude and very ethnocentric ( thats a nice word ) , and they look down to arabs

  6. Financy: Germany has a big problem with immigrant Turks. and the problem for Arabs is… to Europeans, Turks and Arabs pretty much look the same.

  7. My aunt’s husband’s family are American Germans- True they’re all tall but mostly heavy broad boned- even their facial bone structure. Germans are mostly friendly and sweet.

  8. Germans are Nazis , they kick ass.

    the WHOOOOLE world united against the nazis , and they only defeated them by luck . the winter of russia .

  9. Germans can be assholes .. unless you speak German.. If you want the nicer version, cross the border to Austria.

  10. Lexicon

    the germans have been given a bad name and they do go out of their way to help you, in my humble opinion the rudest people in europe are the greeks….their rudeness is ridicules!!

  11. Lexicon that’s odd. I’ve been going to Greece all my life. We own a house there, our bestfriends are Greeks, we lived with Greeks, eat, drink and talk with Greeks, I even went to a Greek school. The ones in rural areas are one of the most down-to-earth people you can imagine- very modest, but the ones in the cities are a bit lazy- they close shops in mid-week without any reason- mithil rabi3na likuwaitiyin, mako dawam :P Maybe your judgement is based on some bad experience? Anyway, they’re so similar to the Arabs in many ways.

  12. Nora-Cassandra

    Missy: I don’t mean to sound rude my sweet dear Missy. I am married to a Greek Cypriot and his brother-in-law is Greek, and my sister in law (his wife) lives in Greece with him and their kids. And she’s be moving around there because of her husband’s job, so we’ve visited her in cities, islands and villages.

    My father-in-law and my husband are working here in Cyprus with tourists, so I meet Greeks in hundreds every year. I was many times there as well. I have to say I find them the rudest people from Europe too.

    They show clearly that they think they are above the rest of the world, they show jealousy with out even trying to hide it, and they are the most annoying costumers some one could have after 1 country that is not in Europe (I won’t talk about them).

    I think you have been lucky that you met the few good ones that gave you that love to them; probably your judgment is based on some good experience? For me I have met at least 500 in the last 2 years alone (in Cyprus and Finland alone), so I must not be as lucky as you. Even my sister-in-law has to go through hell by living there. She loves her husband and has 2 kids, that’s the only reason she’s been taking it for 7 years!

  13. O. Really?! lol That’s very interesting. I am a bit amazed. Well, I guess you could be right Nora, my experience with them was different. I understand they’re a bit forward but honestly we were never treated badly by any of them. I guess you and lexicon have a point and maybe a better judgement but let’s be fair and say “there’s the bad and good in every nation” what do you say? ;) You’re so sweet, you weren’t being rude at all !!! I like hearing different perspectives on things- that’s how people learn :)

  14. Carlsb3rg

    Marzouq, wait till you see the italian speaking indians!

  15. Stereotype Alert!! Just kidding

    My father also mentioned that they are really strict in their traffic and everybody obey them blindly. Is this true in your opinion?

  16. Lexicon

    Missy, i have been goin to greece every year too and trust me i have been around europe too…i have been to the greeek islands where they are not as rude as the athenians who take the top spot! last summer me and my friend were in a polo store and the ppl workin there kept talkin and talkin and laughin at us, luckily my friend spoke a bit of greek and translated to me “look at these arabs, they will just bother us and wont buy anything at the end!” hahah amazin ha? but honestly that doesnt stop me from enjoying it every year for the past 4!

  17. That doesnt implies to all of them….so are bastards!

  18. Nora: Yup! Tall as hell!

    Swair: I only see coke!

    joud: yeah, seeing them speak was alittle wierd.

    Yazeed: Coke o BES! loooool!

    Financy: They are very proud of themselves but I don’t think they hate people directly. It just depends who you deal with.

    moocherx: Now thats funny!

    K: They have been pretty good to me really, but Austria, I’m wondering.

    Lexicon: I never been to Greece before, but the Germans have been very nice! It seems the Greeks think very highly of themselves, hmm.. maybe you should pick up the language to scare the crap out of them! hehehe

    Missy: Very interesting, good to know that there are some good ones out there. Do you speak Greek? It seems you have been meeting some good people!

    Nora: Damn! Those are some very sturdy stastisics on this matter! hehehe! Well its good that you and your sister in law are supportive of your husbands!

    Carlsb3rg: Now that will throw me off!

    Angelo: looool! Nope, that isn’t the case I will write about that later!

    MAZE: What? That is one confusing statement!

  19. Zouq, I used to… a little… This is for you: “εσύ είσαι ενδιαφέρων”
    Figure it out ;) (Nora you’re not allowed to help :P)

    Lexicon, Whoa! That was very rude of them! Do what I do, first thing I do when I go to a foreign speaking language is learn their 4 letter words :P and I used them so many times hehe :D

  20. Skoda

    I lived in Germany for almost 12 years. These people are the biggest assholes you can imagine. I speak their language and they are still the most atrocious people you would ever (not) want to meet. They are obsessively materialistic and shallow.
    We should have nuked Germany instead.

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