Hannover Arrival

We slept on the plane, it wasn’t too bad on the Lufthansa flight but some of the flight attendents just felt really dry when dealing with them. I don’t know maybe it was just the natural way they communicate with people. I was tired from a long day since I was up at 7am to go riding so a flight at 2:20 am that same night stretched my abilities to stay awake. I just wanted to get on the plane and pass out I didn’t care that it wasn’t moving really.


So as soon as we got on the plane we went to our seats and I was sitting right next to my boss. The funny part is figuring out how to use the seat. It really moves in odd ways if you want it in a certain position its shifts around under you in a strange way even going up, it feels wierd but it works.


As soon as we arrived we looked for somewhere to eat since we had about an hour and 40 minutes to our connection. So we went to get something to eat and I ordered veal sausages which came in the wierdest packaging I have ever seen but it tasted good. After finishing we went to the immigrations who were really decent, but he said my picture is too young, and I agreed since it was taken over 10 years ago and I haven’t changed it. I really look different then before so then we went straight to our gate and got on the plane after a little while.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. man .. lufthansa sucks .. once i went on a trip with lufthansa , even though I got on 4 lufthansa planes during my trip . none of them had screens for entertainment.

    and frankfurt airport is kind of boring

  2. looks so pale and not very appetizing

  3. Ok, Marzouq—ummm.. about the sausages….well u know in a word = EWWWWW!!!
    How cud u eat them?? U must have been starving. Bus yella bil 3afeya! LOL :)
    And Frankfurt airport is a snooze… good ur layover wasnt too long. Have fun at CeBit!! (That is where u r goin right??? :\ i forget……..

  4. Purgatory72

    Don’t you get bored from going to Germany all the time?

  5. WOW..cool..ma adry sheno hatha bs cool…veal gone wild, ya3ny veal faker nafso deyaya, I guess..that is why it`s white..
    So where can we find that in kuwait?..if there is , IM IN DUDE.

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    Lufthansa’s flight attendants are not that friendly, just as most European flights’! I travel in Europe every year with many different air ways. I think I meet 2-5 friendly ones!

    I have to disagree with the people saying that the sausages look bad! The reason you all think that is because it looks different for you. I have had that and stranger looking dishes here in Europe, I think it looks just fine, and I know it tastes really good. I love it with lingonberries (it’s called cowberry or mountain cranberry too)!!

    10 year old picture in your passport? You’re lucky they didn’t get you in trouble because of that! Now the new EU laws with passports and immigration! Over 6 years old has to have their own passports, and the passports can’t be used over 5 years! I just got my and my daughter’s renewed before Christmas and they have so strict laws with the picture used in the passport too! You should get you passport changed when you get back to Kuwait!

  7. Loca in Kuwait


    I love Germany, I lived there for 5yrs and must say those were five nice years. I agree with Nora-Cass, it just looks gross because it’s not common for most and dosen’t look like a standard Oscar Myer hot dog. The weird package is uhm a natural package, maybe made from the membrane under the skin. Sounds gross but I guess no preservatives :)

  8. Laialy-q8: you should see it in real life compared to the pictures! hehehe

    Financy: Wow now thats bad luck, and having a laptop is always good in an airport! :)

    Pearls: it didn’t look good, but it didn’t taste bad and I was damn hungry!

    NoNoWa: loooooooooooooooooool! Yeah i was hungry as hell! Yeah CeBit is where I was!

    Purg: I go for work! hehehe, not by choice!

    Kella Met2a5er: I don’t think you can find in Kuwait and I dont think you want to! hehehe

    Nora: Yeah, they were just alittle indifferent! Your right about the sausages, they tasted pretty damn good, it just looks uncooked, but I ate all of it damn quick! And I will change it when I change my passport after the summer, but for now it will be fine!

    Loca in Kuwait: looooool! I know what you mean, it didn’t stop me from eating. When I’m hungry I eat everything! It tasted damn good too!

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