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Hannover Arrival

We slept on the plane, it wasn’t too bad on the Lufthansa flight but some of the flight attendents just felt really dry when dealing with them. I don’t know maybe it was just the natural way they communicate with people. I was tired from a long day since I was up at 7am to go riding so a flight at 2:20 am that same night stretched my abilities to stay awake. I just wanted to get on the plane and pass out I didn’t care that it wasn’t moving really.


So as soon as we got on the plane we went to our seats and I was sitting right next to my boss. The funny part is figuring out how to use the seat. It really moves in odd ways if you want it in a certain position its shifts around under you in a strange way even going up, it feels wierd but it works.


As soon as we arrived we looked for somewhere to eat since we had about an hour and 40 minutes to our connection. So we went to get something to eat and I ordered veal sausages which came in the wierdest packaging I have ever seen but it tasted good. After finishing we went to the immigrations who were really decent, but he said my picture is too young, and I agreed since it was taken over 10 years ago and I haven’t changed it. I really look different then before so then we went straight to our gate and got on the plane after a little while.