More Ducati 1098S


I had a few pictures that I didn’t put for that day I was out, since everyone seems to like the motorcycle a lot I thought I would put up all the pictures I had. No matter how well I photograph this motorcycle pictures just do not do it justice. It is a work of art and they did an amazing job with it. I just want to break it in as fast as possible, I think as soon as I am done with the work travel I will be riding as much as possible before work the next day.





















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sin

    keep it coming, theres no end to this bike!!

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    I always like the way they build those beautiful Ducatis! But this one is a bit big for my taste. I would choose something bit softer to my taste. But I think that seems like you as I’ve seen most of your taste in your pics!

    Enjoy every moment with him, that’s all what I’ll say! ;)

  3. pictures dont do it justice.
    its a work of art
    im sooooo jealous ;)

  4. Bs 3ad . wallah darainah ennik taowik sharee saikal yedeed.. bs 3ad :-)

  5. Sin: When I’m out riding, I will take more pics!

    Nora: looooool! Now I just gotta name him! Any recommendations?

    Mathew: It looks so much better in real life!

    G-Funk: loooool! Gotta love the bikes! Don’t worry, there will be lots of pics coming! You haven’t seen anything yet!

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    AARNE: Finnish form of Arnold, meaning “eagle power.”

    BABAR: Variant of Hindi Babur, meaning “lion.”

  7. Nora-Cassandra

    if you want more recommendations of names! I’ll be happy to try to find few more!

    But for sure HE is a male not a female!! You can see that so clearly from his face! :)

  8. Nora-Cassandra

    I just had to give you few more names!!

    CHAVDAR: meaning “leader.”

    CHICO: “free.”

    ZOTIKOS: Greek name meaning “full of life.”

    ZEUS: “God.” Name of the highest of the Greek Olympian gods. The name derived from the first half of an older Indo-European god, Dyeus Phter, whose name meant “god-father.” Even though I think this name only fits for Harleys!

    DOLPH (Dolf): “noble wolf.”

    DONAR: meaning “thunder.”

    NIEL: French name meaning “champion.”

  9. Nora: Thanks for the all the names! Chico is too mexican but I like, Zues is good but there has to be someone else! The other ones just don’t seem to have the right zest! I will be asking what people recommend for the naming! I want to you to keep recommending though!

  10. RC51Honda4ever

    man , i’m a big big honda fan since ….. forever but this beast had change my taste!!! i love the look and the spec. as they said in the all the new bike mag. i have it all. I will get one of this badboy one day !! by the way , how much is the OTD if you don’t mind telling me !!

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