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Train Mishaps


So we were trying to figure out which train would take us to the convention, so it turns out there are three different platforms and we have to go down to the lower floors to get up to any of the other platforms. So we had to choose our platforms carefully. Everything is in German so its a bit confusing in the beginning, but we tried to figure out which one was the right platform so we chose platform two since it said FAIR, but afer 10 minutes the train stopped on platform 4 so we had to go down and run back up but by that time it already had left. So then we went and got a quick bite and waited there for the next train and it did come after 25 minutes.


The Next Day we did the next thing but it was my choice so now I’m not allowed to make decisions regarding trains. I’m hoping not to do that again. But it was funny since we kept running up and down those steps.