Ear Freezing


Before traveling I went to my barber to get my head shaved and shave before traveling. The best part of it is that I went on my bike, so I felt great after doing that. One thing I’m really happy I did was bring my Oakley Beanie with me on this trip. Its the black in the picture above. Naked girls show their body on webcam. Chat is system the operation of the site, actually, hence the second name – livesex with naked girls online, porn chat girls naked dirty talk for money. Models, guys or women install in their homes Webcams that show in free porn chat online their sex with the help of the Internet on your computer. Go to the porn chat and choose the most beautiful partner.

Germany is raining and cold so my ears were freezing, but my beanie did a good job of keeping me warm. When the sun came out for some reason it got a hell of a lot colder. Everytime we would wait for the train my ears were freezing to the point of falling off! This beanie is probably the only thing that kept my ears from freezing and falling off.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m a hairdresser, (I don’t know if I told you). I told my husband that I love to se men with shaved heads, I find them so sexy!! :D

    Sadly it doesn’t suit my husbands face and head shape!:(

    When the sun comes out there means no clouds, means the heat that earth and people produce will go up far away from you my dear. So it keeps you freezing on earth. That’s why in Finland we’re happy when it has snowed and cloudy. It gives things light and warmth at – 5 to -10!!

    Keep that hat on if you don’t want to suffer with cold red ears! :)

  2. I leave you alone for a few days and when I come back to check on you.. you’ve fled the country ? :P

    7imdillah 3al saalama MZzee :) take care.. stay wrm and have some fun plz !!

  3. im just wondering ,,

    arent you too young to shave your head ?

    and .. Are you half bald or something ? and you shave ur head to cover up the early balding thing ?

  4. Check out when they are releasing the Nokia N-series fones hehe the 76 or 95 for me please :P

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    Financy: What are you saying? Too young to shave his head? Do you have any idea how much a shaved head shows the futures of one’s face? I’m saying men with short and shaved heads are so sexy!! Haven’t you been noticing how crazy women are about Wentworth Miller (Michael) in Prison Break???

    Jacqui: If I remember right Nokia is not participating in this convention! I might be mistaking. So if I am, I’m sure Marzouq will be posting about them soon.

    So Marzouq, taking your space! :)

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    I meant; So sorry Marzouq, taking your space! :)

  7. “my ears were freezing to the point of falling off!”

    Ouch…I know what do you mean…now, whenever it’s freezing outside, I always wear a thick beanie on my head.

  8. Nora: I like the way I am with the Bald head! Its really easy maintanence and quick showers! And yes my ears were freezing!

    DiiGMaa: looool! Ala esalmich!

    Financy: I like shaving my head because it makes things really easy. I started shaving since a mistake a barber in the states and I liked it ever since! hehehe! Real asy!

    Jacqui: looool! They had the phone there!

    Nora: This space is your space! Anytime! :) But your right I think some guys look good with a bald head and it just fits them! Nokia was participating in it! Everybody was!

    Angelo: Love that beanie!

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