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Hannover … Frankfurt


We are done with CeBIT and need to get to Frankfurt. 364 KMs, 4 hours and 35 minutes based on google, but I bet I can shave an hour off of that.


I’m Driving from Hannover to Frankfurt and I have never driven in a European country before, I drove once in the UK but I just dont feel like driving much around here. I’m happy I managed to get the car with navigation. I got a BMW 525 from Hertz and its me and two of my bosses with me in the car. The thing is, I said I am going to drive no matter what. I love driving so its going to be really interesting driving in a European country and I know I will be pushing my luck with all the damn cameras. The Hertz guy turned out to be an Arab and he told me if I’m leaving Germany in two days not to worry about the speeding tickets, only when a cop stops you they will make you pay and they don’t take your license, you just have to pay right there and then. I’m willing to pay a few fines to go he speed that I want, its a misconception that there are not limits on German highways. I will just see how fast the fastest is going and go a little faster! I only wish the car was manual but you can’t get everything!