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We are done with CeBIT and need to get to Frankfurt. 364 KMs, 4 hours and 35 minutes based on google, but I bet I can shave an hour off of that.


I’m Driving from Hannover to Frankfurt and I have never driven in a European country before, I drove once in the UK but I just dont feel like driving much around here. I’m happy I managed to get the car with navigation. I got a BMW 525 from Hertz and its me and two of my bosses with me in the car. The thing is, I said I am going to drive no matter what. I love driving so its going to be really interesting driving in a European country and I know I will be pushing my luck with all the damn cameras. The Hertz guy turned out to be an Arab and he told me if I’m leaving Germany in two days not to worry about the speeding tickets, only when a cop stops you they will make you pay and they don’t take your license, you just have to pay right there and then. I’m willing to pay a few fines to go he speed that I want, its a misconception that there are not limits on German highways. I will just see how fast the fastest is going and go a little faster! I only wish the car was manual but you can’t get everything!




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    Of course there are limits in Germany so is in every EU country and those annoying small digital white cameras that has no flash and they are night vision. And they are so small that you won’t see them unless you drive slowly and look hard for them.

    The high way you’ve heard about with out the speed limit I think it still stands! My cousin had a drive on in with bike. It’s the high way that leave out of Germany, and it’s called Reichsautobahn or Federal Motorway as translated to English.

    I’m not 100% sure if they still have it, but they did 4 or 5 years ago. You should do some homework and find out!

    Have fun driving; it won’t be more dangerous or harder than driving in Kuwait! :)

  2. 525? psssht must feel as fast as a bicycle to u

  3. Purgatory

    Driving in Europe is good, if you drive here, you will be fine there.

  4. Mark talks as if he owns one ?! . .. keep on riding that wrangler of yours :-p

  5. lol @ g-funk :P
    actually Mark owns a BMW

  6. Sin

    well, whats’ that “210” thingy in the center of the speed-o-meter for?

  7. Marzouk ..how much does it cost to rent that car ?

  8. Guten Tag

    I lived in Germany for six years.

    All highways in Germany are “Autobahns” The word literally means highway. Autobahns were concieved by Hitler as a method to rapidly move troops and equipment. he alos ordered the development of a “peoples car’ hence the Volkswagen.

    Generally, there are no speed limits on the autobahn, except in cities or construction zones. There are speed limit signs when there are speed limits and end of speed limit signs, when the speed limit ends.

    Where there are no speed limit signs, have fun!!! Be careful in the cities, there are cameras everywhere. If you have time and are near, take the car to a racetrack, such as hockenheimring or nurnbergring, you can drive around the racetracks on certain days as fast as you want.

    The Arab dude lied to you. Hertz will bill your credit card for any speeding tickets you incur while using their automobile. I’ve had it happen twice with Hertz and once with Budget, all out of frankfurt! It sucks to get a bill three or four months after the car rental!! Be Careful..

    Also, slow down more than you normally do when exiting the autobahn. The exit ramps are curves are really shap and very easy to run off of if you exit at the speed you do in Kuwait.

  9. Mark is saying that the car feels slow for Marzouq.. this has nothing to do with the wrangler.

    Btw, If you still want a manual, Techart will rent you a modified Carrera GT.

  10. Sin: 210 is the maximum speed the tires can handle.. I had a sticker like that on my old car.

  11. You should try me driving in Europe :D You’ll be screaming the whole time “KEEP TO THE LEFT!!!” hehe… Manual cars kick ass man!! I like the ascending sound of VOOOOOooM and then when it reaches the top of the tone I know I have to change the gear and it gives that “little wiggle” before starting at the bottom of tone and VOOOM again *giggling* i dunno why that sort of tickled hehehe…

    *I think i’m high*

  12. Nora-Cassandra

    Missy: In Cyrus we drive like UK on the left, and every time I go home (Finland), or take a drive in Greece you’ll hear someone telling Nora!!! The right side, THE RIGHT SIDE!!!!

    You are so cool, I agree manual is the best! My car is manual!!

  13. Nora yeah… but I had no idea what I was rambling on about previously. I had a cake before that. You see I go through this phase whenever I eat chocolate or cake with big amount of sugar in it- It begins with a small laugh and then develops into a hyeena like condition and I can’t stop! I dirnk water a lot usually and I keep running to the bathroom. All my friends think i lost it. I absolutely make no sense when i’m in that mood. The same condition happens if it’s really late at night and i’m sleepy- Even without the caffein or sugar rush it happens! I act really really crazy and then go to sleep loooool I’m not sure why… Is this scientifically proven? Perfect timings to pull words out of me :P

  14. Nora-Cassandra

    Missy: I have same things happening but when it’s late, maybe not as much as describe. I don’t like sugar or sweet stuff that much; I might have some in every blue moon!

    I think what happens to you is so normal, or in other words just us very special people get such things happening! My husband has told me stories about me in that stage that I can’t even remember!! I think I’m more aware of my self when I’m drunk then that strange stage! :D

    I really find you really cool; girl! If you ever pass by Cyprus or Finland let me know!

  15. Nora: Thanks for telling me about no flash! The drive was fun as hell! Got a lot to say!

    Mark: hahahahaha! A little slow on the acceleration but all good!

    Purg: yeah, it wasn’t too bad.

    G-Funk: hahahaha! I think he means the bikes!

    Sin: Its for Winter tires, saying thats their limit.

    Financy: With super insurance and unlimited milage from Hertz for two days it came out ot be 263 Euros.

    MAZE: Thanks buddy!

    Guten Tag: I think that some cameras got me then, but on the highways some cars were flying past me! Thanks so much for all the info! I will take it to heart and remember everything you said! But you are completely right about the off-ramps, they are shaped a little odd, not completely circular so you can’t go too fast.

    K: Next time I come to Germany I’m taking th details from you, but I also need navigation!

    Missy: loooooooooooooooool! Ok I love the feel of the manual too, but your description is priceless! And your highes are hilarious! Just keep enjoying yourself!

    Nora: LOOOOOL! Ok now thats funny, I might screw up in the UK too! You guys losing it from a sugar high! Now thats funny!

  16. Zouq, hehe… I am =)

    Nora, aww thank you sweetie! I think you’re cool too. I have so many friends around these areas, I get to catch up with them during some of my summer holidays. Will do ;) if you promise to take me riding hehe- with zouq here talking about it endlessly I’m really getting the urge to try it out :D :***

  17. Missy: :) looool! So you want to get on a bike now! It all depends on how much guts you have!

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