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I will be waking up early morning to go riding this Friday.

This first thing I did after organizing a few things in my room is head straight to the basement. This is the first time I start both bikes and I have to say that it was hard as hell not getting on the bikes and riding throughout the night. I started up both bikes and it really was music to my ears. I know I will be riding the Ducati in the morning but its hard not riding Robo since he is fun as hell to be riding. While the Ducati is getting its first service this week I will be riding Robo in and around town.

I can’t wait to start the modifications of the Ducati, since Robo has had some work done and more on the way. I will be posting about that later though.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hatha wint sharee saikal chetheeh.. 3ayal shloun low sharee Lamburgini ? ;-p

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    I am get Robo after Enigma.

  3. Sin

    i’m getting the ducati after ‘zouk :P

  4. G-Funk, it’s not measured by money or costs or whats considered more luxorious. It’s what brings joy to your heart and you have passion for. A Ducati bike might be ten times worth a Lamburgini to a person. =)

  5. Missy :

    It’s only a bike give me a break :-)

  6. G-Funk, Yeah pea brain I know, you wouldn’t understand. People like you can’t value things :P heheh *wink*

  7. Athough G-Funk maa brothaa you dig music a lot innit? snoopy dogy dog style or whateva! You’re not in it just for the money right? Must define something in you…

  8. Loca in Kuwait


    Glad to have you back, hehehe what I really meant to say was “I am getting Robo after Enigma” Please don’t hold my grammar problems against me when you give out permission to ride your bike. :)

  9. Missy:

    What brought the subject of music ?? what snoop dogg or Dr. Dre has to do with bikes ? :-D ay shay? bs badaowir lee salfa y3nee willa sheno ? :-)

    FYI. “MA SISTA” :-p I value things. “Not cloths,Make up or the latest Bag from Gucci or Prada :-p ” I value a work of art and technology . Marzouq might love his Bike and i understand that. But it’s the sence of expressing it. Marzouq 9ara7a ma99akh-ha :-D mako post illa 3an el Bike :-) o ba3dain y3nee :-)

    I know that Marzouq wasn’t taking my comment seriously . i was only kiddin’ unless you took it seriously and YOU are the one who’s feeling offended by it :-p ?

    Anyhow . Be agood stport and have some sense of humor :-)

  10. Whoa!!! *giggling* G-FUNK!!! RIGHT ON!!!! I just love it when people get ticked off like that. What an essay! I was grading students’ assignments all morning, should I grade this too? =P

    I know what you meant silly I was just T-E-A-S-I-N-G you =) You didn’t have to explaing anything. I think you’re super-de-dooperly cool ;) I loved the MA SISTA part hahahahhaha…

  11. And I like black music btw :) You have nice taste ;) You should post on Jagged Edge though- I love ’em :****

  12. Missy:

    It’s not called “Black” music.. it’s rather called “Urban” Music !! I guess that i need to grade yours :-p

    Zain ashowa you have some sense of humor :-) wila chan giltlich 6iggay rasich bill 6oofa :-)

    If you like “Black Music” 3alagoltich :-) that much .. why don’t you post comments there ? :-)

    Anyhow…. it’s great to know that you wasn’t taking it seriously :-)

    Oh… and was that ” :***** ” for me ? ;-)

  13. Jafar

    Missy & G-Funk,
    way off the subject ! Admire the bikes & drop everything else.

  14. Allah ekhaleehum lik hehehe

    Ducati is looking great mashala

    MZzee, safe driving darling ;)

  15. Funky who you telling to bang her head on the wall eh? You little infested ugly cockroach!!! I’ll post there as soon as you put something on jagged edge =P hehe.. Oh yes that was for you :*** btw that was spitting =P HAHAHHAHA!!!! jk

    Jafar aww c’mon… join in… it’s the weekend and there’s nothing better to do =P

  16. i think you are hurting robo’s feelings … you make him sound like a sloppy second :p

  17. Nora-Cassandra

    I love your two little babies! They are so beautiful and priceless! I can imagine how you felt trying to not get on them when started them both. You are a strong man I say, STRONG MAN!!!! :)

    Did you find a name for the Ducati yet??

    Missy: You are the coolest girl I read for! I just wanted to say you remind me a lot of me!
    Black music! You just say it the way you want it girl, don’t you??!!! :D

    G-Funk: I respect the way you think but valuing art and technology, and loving it, is totally different things! It’s just like if you have a baby, I mean real baby, and love him or her so much!! You won’t be able to stop talking about it! Each bike or car for some is just like that. Like for me, you can say anything you want about me but don’t you dare to try to insult my rides or crazy driving! Even my husband doesn’t dare to do it! He sometimes thinks that when my bike comes I will love her more than him!! I think you are cool too, but don’t forget not every one thinks in the same way! I don’t care about a Gucci or Prada bag! I care about the new Ducati, and the new Kawasaki! ;)

  18. EniGma: Do you have license? hehehe

    G-Funk: I wouldn’t give a damn about a Lamburgini, a bike is so much more then a car! You have a pact with the bike when you ride it! Its a huge matter of passion! And I know you would race me in your Lambo and me on the bike! I would rip you to shreds! Mark my words 1098S > Lambo! hehehehe

    Loca: loooool! Don’t worry about the spelling! Do you want to get a license? hehehe

    sin: loool! It seems people are making Dibs on what they want!

    Missy: Very true, and that is how I feel except substitute “ten times” with “a thousand times” and if I had a lamburgini I would sell it and get a ton of bikes!

    Jafar: THANK YOU! hehehe

    Laialy: NO NO NO NO!! Robo is an amazing bike, he is just different! One day I will make a picture of them both, a drawing that will fit them!

    Nora: I still haven’t found a name but I’m getting close! It isn’t easy! And you know EXACTLY how I feel! I can’t get enough of both bikes, I wish there was more time in the day! I want to break in my bike and go riding on Robo!

  19. Marzouq:

    At least I’m safer in a Lambo than your 1908s bike.. :-p What ever you say man.. i understand that you love bikes more than anything else.. it’s a passion of yours. and just like they say “Lola ta3addid al athowaq labarat al sela3”


    I’ll fulfill your Jagges edge request soon. “How soon you say?” well. . How about NOW! :-D
    They just signed a deal with Island records “Jermain Dupri” being the new presedent of the record company . He signed them as the 1st act as soon he took the presedents seat at the company.

    They are expected to release a new album this year ;-)

  20. G-Funk: I will never stop riding, its a risk I am willing to take! hehehe! Jagged Edge have had some Horrible albums the past few years! Maybe one or two good songs, thats about it!

  21. G-Funnkyy, you don’t say?! Really? That’s really cool! I can’t wait! Awww funky you’re so sweet =) Tank you hehe… I loved their last two albums! Marzouq you have no taste =)

  22. Nora lol yeah? You’re right, I wouldn’t give a damn about what anyone says- it’s still black music to me =)

  23. Nora: You love your bikes more than your husband ? ? :-D poor guy.. i feel sorry for him . faqeer :-)

    Well i dont know about u . but family comes first to me . no car or bike in the world comes close to any of my family memebers. . sorry :-)

    Missy :

    You are welcome … just stop saying BLACK MUSIC :-p

  24. Nora-Cassandra

    G-Funk: I said: He sometimes thinks that when my bike comes I will love her more than him!

    I’m a good wife and good mother! So yes my family comes first! But if my daughter or husband would hurt my engines, yes I’ll be so mad and I don’t think any one could talk to me for a while! If some one hurts my daughter, I can kill him or her, same goes if some one hurts my man! But if your brother takes your Lamburgini and get it scratched, how happy will you be?

    By the way; loved your site! Good taste in music! I mean REALLY GOOD TASTE!!!

  25. Nora: If he/she scratches my lambo he has to pay for it :-)

    Thank you for visiting the site.. hope you enjoyed it.

  26. I don’t have a lisence but I’m dying 2 get 1!!

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