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Close Call… Really Close


Everytime Im driving my car or riding my bike I always keep an eye out for women driving and what they are doing. They are completely oblivious to anything in their surroundings.

Its like they drive with a real intent of killing someone, I dont think if someone wants to kill you they can do any worse then the way some women drive. I was almost taken out this Friday by a woman on the cell phone who was in the middle lane wanting to make a right. We were on Damascus street, and she wanted to exit into Surra while talking on the phone. I was directly on her right, not behind her in a blindspot, but relatively forward so that her side view mirror was directly on my left. She started leaning quickly and I looked at her and she wasn’t even looking, she was just mouthing off on her phone.

When she turned hard right hard I tried getting away but I couldn’t since there was a car in front of me with no opening, I had to break hard and try to cut right. I took the corner extremely hard, I tried break as much as possible before going into the exit. I dropped from 100 Km/h down to 50 Km/h (the whole time she was still on my left) and took a 90 degree turn which I would usually do going 25-30 Km/h. I was stuck between two cars taking the turn and my extincts made me dip hard and pushout quick going at 50 Km/h. She didn’t notice me until we were into the turn and she still didn’t do anything. SHE WAS STILL TALKING! I knew I was going to run into women like that in Kuwait but not like this. Hamdilla I was lucky enough to be able to react, also if I wasn’t on this bike I don’t think I could have taken the corner like I did with it. I dropped extremely low and went in really fast.

I turned to look at her, and my heart was beating at 1’000’000 Beats per second. She didn’t give it a second thought, she didn’t even apologize she just gave me a dirty look and drove off. I was pissed! I was happy I was able to narrowly escape. Why was I not surprised that she was muhajabah, this isn’t my first incident with women muhajabaat driving in Kuwait, its always like that and they don’t pay attention to the world around them. This all took place while I was on my way to work at 3:45pm on a Friday afternoon.

I’ve had some close calls, but this is this was the closest in Kuwait.