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Driving in Germany!


Covered: 890 KMs

Locations driven to:

  • Hannover to Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt to Kelberg
  • Kelberg to Stuttgart
  • Stuttgart to Koln
  • Koln to Frankfurt

Average Speed: 185 KM/H

Range of Speed: 160 Km/h to 230 Km/h



While driving I was driving at 200 Km/h there were a ton of cars that were passing me as if I was slow which pissed me off!

The cars that passed me while I was driving at 200Km/h:

  • Audi A6 (HatchbacK)
  • Audi A4 (Pre-2000)
  • Opel something!
  • Ford Mondeo!

If you are on the highways and there are no speed limits visible you can go as fast as you want, I was following groups of people going 180 to 210 Km/h, its insane and I can’t believe that the whole lane were just flying. People are a bit aggressive in their driving but they are systematic, so its not as if they are trying to cut you off, they are just trying to go fast too, and if your going faster they will move out of the way. I am assuming I got caught by a couple of cameras, so I will know it a couple of of weeks from now. Another recommendation is never to go faster then a cop, but I did follow a cop and I wasn’t stopped so I got away with that.



The scenary is extremely beautiful and the banked highways were amazing to drive fast on! We literally drove through every season in the last 24hrs! We drove through beautiful sunny weather, through rain, through hail, and everything in between! It was insane, I was confused by all the weather changes it was different. And sometimes me and the navigation just didn’t agree and she would go nuts on me! I was laughing since my bosses in the car thought I couldn’t keep my foot off the accelerator! Everytime we had a distance of 100Km or more to cover I would always shave 30 minutes to one 1 hour & 30 minutes from the time to destination. I need to get on a race track post haste! For some odd reason there is no valet parking in all of Germany!

I just wish I could ride my bike in Germany my cruising speed would be everybody’s cruising speed!