Frankfurt airport is relatively boring compared to Heathrow airport. I have to say that the immigration people are very cordial and efficient.

We checked in our bags and walked right into gate A, after walking around for a bit and picking up a few items we went to the lounge to wait out the plane. I have to say for being an international airport they really don’t cater as much to its international travellers.

When we walked into the Business lounge it was packed full of people, I think they just need to improve the quality of the seating in the lounge. It looks and feels used and old.

The plane is packed full of people going back to Kuwait. Its a mix of people on this plane which is really interesting.

I’m just happy that I got my bags really quick and was able to head home to relax before I have to go into work this Friday. I will be riding Friday morning but later I have to go to work to finish up some work that has to be submitted by sunday.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7imdillah 3ala il salama
    oo thanks for reminding me about Frankfort airport!!!
    3asa ya rab ma arja3 ib thak il mokan!

  2. Jafar

    Welcome back,
    Start your ride and breakfast at ther Radisson SAS where the BMW club will be having breakfast at 9:30 ! Yes I know it is a bit late fr you but I am sure you would like to get some good sleep.

  3. el7amd lilah 3assalama ,

    I don’t agree with you on most of the stuff you said about Frankfurt airport . I like it more thatn Heathrow . in fact . i hate having to transit at heathrow . Frankfurt is a much better choice to me. its easy to move between terminats using skeyline and the facilities are there and most either free of cheap compared to Heathrow.. where they charge you for everything. if they could.. they would even charge you if you fart .!!!

  4. Frankfurt airport SUCKS that is the main reason i stopped flying Lufthansa

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    I’ve never been in Frankfurt airport, so can’t really comment on that. But many airports in E.U. are making improvements. Especially for their international ones! I hope that’s the case with Frankfurt airport too!

    Glad you get to get some rest before start working again. :)

  6. Yazeed: looool! alah esalmik! Ana widy ib heathrow, bes British Nazil mistawahum!

    Jafar: Thank you! I made it and said hello to people, but I didn’t want to stop riding! Had a lot I wanted to do!

    G-Funk: alah esalmik! LOOOL! Well to each his own, but Frankfurt airport is more like a prison then entertaining! So I prefer heathrow for the music, books, magazines, and electronics.

    Laialy: I concur!

    Nora: Not enough rest! Work is insane!

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