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Frankfurt airport is relatively boring compared to Heathrow airport. I have to say that the immigration people are very cordial and efficient.

We checked in our bags and walked right into gate A, after walking around for a bit and picking up a few items we went to the lounge to wait out the plane. I have to say for being an international airport they really don’t cater as much to its international travellers.

When we walked into the Business lounge it was packed full of people, I think they just need to improve the quality of the seating in the lounge. It looks and feels used and old.

The plane is packed full of people going back to Kuwait. Its a mix of people on this plane which is really interesting.

I’m just happy that I got my bags really quick and was able to head home to relax before I have to go into work this Friday. I will be riding Friday morning but later I have to go to work to finish up some work that has to be submitted by sunday.