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As I was working and I saw that it was 2:48am so I had to post since its that special time in the night. I took a tylenol extra to stop the headache, and I have already had one cold pizza which was pretty good. One piece cheese pizza from pizza express. All of us are operating on low energy, the funny part is that some people are bumping music from their PCs.

One guy is asleep next to his desk, I will be waking him in another hour. Another guy is really running out of battery. I think I’m slightly halucinating, but thats just funny. I’m typing out close to a 100 pages for big tender, and I have to say that it isn’t my best work, but we are all chugging along and working together. I have had about 4-5 glasses of water up to this point.
The night weather is beautiful, I just want to stand outside, but I think I am capable of driving since I would probably pass out. So I will just keep going until the morning crowd comes in, then I will go home shower and come back. Still got a few things to finish up.