Brain Fried


This is going to be a very long night, I’m completely out of it.

Its 12:30am and I dont think I’m going home tonight. I told them I’m not going home. There is a team of us at work, and I’m really not coherent right now, but there is something we have to do. I tried talking to the managment for the team by they are adement about it, so I won’t leave the team and there is some work to do. I told the home that I will see them in morning.

I just asked for the house key, and that its it. I have a dishdasha ready, so I’m going home in the morning to shower and come back to work. I hope this whole thing comes to an end soon.

16 hours and this will all be done, I would probably crash after work on sunday.

I was a little dizzy in the afternoon, a headache around 7pm, 9pm I was getting a bit woozy or something, dont know how to describe, since I didn’t get much sleep the night before either its not a pretty site.

We ordered some pizza and ate a bit, its now 12:44am and it feels like the night is just about to start.

And all I wanted to do today was catch up on some sleep and watch some 24 then some anime, but I think thats going to have to wait while I catch up on some sleep.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I always wonder Marzouq…where do you work @?!

  2. Marzouq:

    Where exactly do you work? what kind of job that demands you being there 24/7 . or stay up till the next day? are you a Dcctor by any chance ?

  3. zoomzoom

    i second G-Funk

    what’s that damn job that damande this work, dude you should sacrifice the money with your health and life :)

  4. Carlsb3rg

    By looking at the sunrise pic, id guess he’s working in an oil company.

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    I don’t know how you do it! I would be dead if I did half what you’re doing! All my respect for you!!! :)

  6. after reading that i got this feeling that the end of the semester is creeping up on me :s

  7. Stafs: I work for an IT-Soltuions/System Integrator in Kuwait!

    G-Funk: I’m a Project Manager and there were two tender closing. I wasn’t going to leave my team just like that! I would be the last to leave!

    zoomzoom: This just happens once in a blue moon, but sometimes you have to do it, its a matter of responsibility and coming through at the last minute.

    Carlsb3rg: Nope, its just a nice pic! IT-Solutions/System Integrator! hehehe

    Nora: Sometimes you just have to!

    Laialy: loooool! Sorry! :)

  8. Marzouq :

    Do you work at government facility ? the pictures of your bike at your work place reminds me of some place !!!

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