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K-Company “Trainings”


K-Company meaning any of the Kuwait Petroleum Company and its subsidiaries (KNPC, KOTC, ODC, PIC, KOC, and all the others that I can’t remember)

I was talking to a friend who used to work for one of the K-Companies and I was just talking about how much training they do and for what exactly I’m not sure. He tells me there are some useful courses but the bad thing is how people take advantage of them and abuse these opportunities.


They are technical, managerial, financial, and a ton more.

All these courses are available between 4 countries: Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, and UAE.

What Happens:

The Admins and other employees tell the people who book the courses to book them in exotic countries, such as Bangkok, France, UK, Spain, US, or any other place they can find the course but not taking it locally. They would travel to these far destinations for the courses and it would be more like a vacation on the K-Company’s account. So basically they are taking free vacations.

I was honestly surprised that this was so wide spread but if the managers do it whats to stop all the employees.