Nice Surprise


Just before leaving for Germany I ordered some DVDs, a book, and an Access Point. To my surprise it arrived Thursday morning but due to all the work related issues I didn’t see them until I got back from work, its like a little gift to myself everytime I see a box even if I know whats in it!

I was have I got these two animes to continue watching my shows, and to finish them.

  • Godannar
  • Baki the Grappler (It has been a long wait to finish this series, 12 DVDs in total)

I also got the whole Tenchi Series because I want to watch it all again!

And I ordered some movies which I wanted to add to my collection:

  • Borat (Glorious nation of Khazikstan, hehehe)
  • Casino Royale
  • The Departed

I’m also doing a little rewiring in the house trying to get the wireless signal all over the place so I’m installing some Cat6 wiring but first I need to see if there is space in the piping, this will get interesting.




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  1. That’s a nice collection of DVDs you got there. Good job on ordering Casino Royal, Borat, and Tenchi Muyo, they deserve the “DVD treatment” :)

    A review about the two other anime would be nice…but no pressure ;)

  2. I would just run CAT-5e; unless your doing 50+ links, you won’t see a difference (and even then it would be minimal).

  3. Marzouk , how come ur movies didnt get confiscated ?

    what carrier did u use ?

  4. I still haven’t seen Casino Royale

    (hint hint)


  5. I want that Tenchi DVD! I’ve only seen the movie though… loved it.

  6. Angelo: yeah, I had to get those dvds! I will post the review of them next week! I want to finish them!

    K: I was thinking that I’m doing the work might as well do it once!

    Financy: I used DHL! They weren’t stopped at all, now I only use DHL for movies and order small amounts 10 or less, not like what I used to do! I would bunch 2-3months worth of dvds into one! and that didn’t work!

    DiiGMaa: you want? I can drop it off!

    K: I will be looking into this!

    Eric: If you liked the movies, you would Love the series!

  7. Marzouq:

    It’s been a while since i ordered DVD’s or CD’s while i was in kuwait. But, I know that DHL is somewhat more expensive than Aramex or USWS!? like paying $30 to $50 per package for them to ship it internationally . with Aramex . local shipping is the US is free. all the way to kuwait would cost u 4 to 8 KD’s!!! does DHL have a cheaper way of shipping ?

  8. G-Funk: DHL doesn’t have a cheaper way, but its a lot faster and I get it everytime without any fuss. So $40 or $60 is a small sacrifice for peace of mind. You would be surprised!

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