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Connecting the Dots

Today I went to work in early the morning because I had some meetings and there was a nice jumble of things that went on. I didn’t expect the whole day to be eaten up, I wanted to go in late and leave early, but because one thing pulled the other, I went in early and left late which was funny. I was running around making sure things got done.


Then we went over to burger hub for a quick bite to eat and I have to say that I think burger hub has the best burgers in Kuwait, and I love their chilli cheese fries! I really enjoy the crushed ice with the coke its nice and really hits the spot!
Then I went back to my place and some friends were coming over later. But first me and a friend had a head start so we were watching Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig and it just mesmerizes you! We wish we could just finish it in one sitting but I don’t think thats possible! It is just too good, and we can’t get enough! I love Tachikomas!


Then we started playing Dynasty Warriors on X-Box 360 with some very funny custom characters. We were really going at the enemies and trying to fight as fast and hard as possible, it was great. If you stop attacking they will attack you, so choose your enemies wisely! It was great, we do have strategies and really look at the map.

Then we had dinner and watched 300! It is my second time and I loved it just as much, I can’t get enough of this movie. There are a few things I want to say about it, and if you like history with a dash of imagination then this movie will satisfy you.