Los Benjamins – Noche de entierro


There some Reggaeton songs that I like and some I’m not into, but this song I liked when I heard it. Now that I have seen the video, I realized that I need to learn Spanish. These women know how to dance and get their bodies moving, something about Latin and South American women. When women dance like that, its hawt!

Link: YouTube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. SooOOOoo East LA
    i would introduce you to some Mexican/Kuwaiti girls but i’d fear for your life :p (JK)
    take a listen to Lengua Afuera by Pitbull

  2. Spanish is veeery easy to learn since it’s similar to eng. and if you get hooked with a spanish woman, you’ll learn faster hehe ;)

  3. Laialy: loooool! Mexican/Kuwaiti Girls! Damn where do these combinations come up from! I will listen to that song thanks!

    Missy: The spanish part was a thought, but first I will try it solo! hehehe! Yeah its easy but time is an issue with me!

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