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Review: 300


I have been waiting for this movie since I heard about it. This movie about the Spartans versus the Persians in early times before the Romans. It revolves around 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas who went to Hells Gate to hold the Persians at the coast of Greece. The Spartans are true trained warriors making all other fighters look like amateurs. This movie depicts the intensity with which they believed in Sparta and their conviction in it. King Leonidas is a man you would be honored to serve, and in this movie they are pitted against a monster of an enemy but they still fight. This 300 put fear in the hearts of thousands of the Persian soldiers.



This movie is directed by the same person who directed Sin City and has this different feeling to it then most movies, what is amazing about this movie is that it makes the Battle scenes in Troy look like they were nothing. It also turns out their bodies are the real thing and not touched up. This movie is only 117 minutes look but it feels so short, the battle scenes are so exhilirating it gets your blood pumping. You have certain characters you like, and you get a feeling for the life of Sparta but your senses are completely taken over by the action of these 300 hundred against the monster of an army in front of them. This movie brings history to life, so much amazing action, and you really are enamored by everything in this movie. It has been added as one my favorite movies I have seen period.

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