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I have been riding this machine for days now, trying to ride as much as possible whenever I can. I try to take inside roads instead of highways, curved roads instead of straight, road with no stop lights, roads with the least amount of possible traffic. It is impossible to ride this machine slow, it etches to rip the ground beneath you apart. This machine brings out the demon in me, I haven’t ridden a support sport V-Twin in a long time, and it makes things seems so easy. It feels like I’m going into battle with this machine as my shield. Even when riding next to Al Koot, I was flying around the round about when it was empty getting pretty low, and reaching my destination, every time I feel that I have gone as low as possible it goes lower, my skills are no way close enough to reach the limits of this machine, I want to hone my skills and improve them just to ride this machine right, I want to take to a track. My blood is still pumping from it!

The Names I have came up with:

  • Spartan
  • Jet Fire
  • Demon
  • Hellion

Any other recommendations?














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  1. Sin

    1- Leonidas
    2- Spitfire

  2. Big B

    i would suggest go for Spartan

  3. Verin (Demon of impatience)
    Vetis (Demon of corruption)
    Appollyon (King of demons)
    Antares (Red star in the Scorpius constellation)
    Alvar (Supernatural warrior)

  4. Jafar

    Hot Chili

  5. trixter


  6. Sin

    * Cavallo Rosso [italian for Red horse]
    * Nova

  7. DEMON is the best from the name between the names you mentioned!
    The names Missy wrote down are really good too!
    But my true advice is: It’s your baby and I think you should name him, not wait for others to name him for you! Look at him! He is so gorgeous and dangerous looking! So just give him a long look and choose a name!

  8. Hellion? No thats the name of a kind of vegetable i think lol.

    Antares? ham no, thats like 3antar in greek :p

    If i were u I wouldnt take advice from readers.. I know its cheesy but I would choose a name from greek mythology, constellations, or from a fantasy series i love,, i have a passion for all these things.

  9. Hellion is not a vegetable, it is a character from fiction, mutant “Marvel Comics Universe”. He’s also known as a Wind Dancer in the “New Mutant”. Hellion might also be as in “Hellion turbo”.

    Antares mythical Greek god of War.

    We’re just giving suggestions – of course it’s up to him to choose…

  10. EniGma: I would choose a name from Greek mythology too!! The half of my name is from there!! Cassandra!! I love all those heroes and heroines! But I never see them as fantasy series (even if one is made about them), I think they are all real and did exist long…long time ago!

  11. Sin: So whats the third choice?

    Big B: So Spartan.

    Missy: I like those names, but its too classical for this 21st century machine!

    Jafar: Hot chili can be cut up, this bike can’t! hehehe!

    trixter: There is no mystery to this machine!

    Sin: hhmmmm Cavallo… Nova.. hmmm

    Mark: Spartan.. I like it too, but still thinking

    Nora: You know how I thinking too, but its damn hard! With Robo it was easy because if RoboCop ever hard to ride a bike it would be a K1200R, but with the Duc, I just don’t know. I have given it many hard looks and it always leads me to riding! hehehe

    EniGma: loool! Vegetable 3aad! Its the name of an X-men character! loool! 3antar! hmmm your recommendation is the same is Nora!

    Missy: Thank you! I really do appreciate your suggestions! Keep em coming! :)

    Nora: I want a heroes name, but I want something edgy! hmmm its a hard and not apollo! What about Flash?

  12. chupacabra: (purported creature resembling a gargoyle, said to exist in parts of Mexico and on Puerto Rico; also called [Jersey Devil])

    the perfect name

  13. Flash is nice too! But I still see in him a Demonic look and power! I would say something like:

    Agramon – Demon of fear.

    Alu-Demon – Night demon.

    Awar – Son of Iblis. Arab demon of laziness

    Chax – (Unk) Grand duke of hell. Also Scox

    Demogorgon, Gorgo – (Greek) devil

    Feurety – (Unk) god of fire.

    Geryon – (literary- Dante) Centaur/Dragon who guards hell

    Lucifer – The Light Bringer. Air Elemental. Often misconstrued as being Satan. They are two seperate demons.

  14. By the way, the best time to ride in Fin is between Jun – Aug. But here in Cyprus it’s all year long! I love it here! Good weather and there might be plans to build a bike track close to our area like 15 min drive! But that is a plan still in progress, but gets me excited!! :)

  15. Laialy: El Chupacabra is just too funy! I know it! hehehe

    Nora: Flash.. hmmm , These dames are alittle too fantasy, I need something easy, fast, and evil! hehehe! I REALLY LIKE DANTE! hehehe

  16. Jewaira

    Dante is nice and short…
    But I think you should call him 3antar :P

  17. Lucifer!! That’s short, easy and evil… and then when someone wants to tick you off, they’ll call it ‘LUCY’ looool.. “OI ZOOK, where ya going today?” “I’m out to take lucy!”. Seriously though, I think this red one should be a ‘she’ since robo is a ‘he’. I think its cute that you have a he and a she and then one day they might have an ‘IT’ loooooooooooool…

    You know I’m joking, right? It’s late and i’m getting into this drunken-state… I better go hit the sack before I mumble any more =P

  18. Easy, short, evil, and not much fantasy related, modern too…here goes:

    Blaze (from fire)
    Salvo (as in big noise)
    Jinx (although I don’t think it’s a pleasant idea you riding something
    called jinx.. but anyway…)
    Beelzebub (oh this is a good one! Chief Devil lol)
    Dickens (or just Dick)

    *By the way I’m sorry about what I said earlier, I didn’t think it was nice…anyway my mind is blank… hope u find a name soon … =)

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