X-Box 360 Elite


If you have waited then you shall receive the benefits! Its real people and its coming at the end of april!

Price: $479


  • Quieter Drive
  • 120 GB Hard Drive
  • HDMI connection
  • transfer cable to transfer all data, maps, saves, and characters to new hard drive.

This is a lot better for your money then the PS3 and on top of that you have a huge selection of games to choose from.




Link: TeamXbox
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Link: Engadget
Link: Engadget

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  1. lfc-Q8

    xbox has better games for now.. ps3 is catching up + on the 360 ur still missing the hd dvd drive which u need to pay $200 for but with the ps3 it includes the blue ray drive :) ps from the start didnt cut corners, now i have my 360 what should i do if i want to get an hdmi port? buy a new 360 an have 2 of them :(

  2. I am still getting the PS3- I didn’t buy xbox because I play mostly RPGs and mostly the good ones are on the PS. Although it’s tempting to get this one too… I’ll wait till the price drops =P

  3. Carlsb3rg

    The hard disk on its own is a bit expensive though.

    Actually MS made a good decision on not including the HD-DVD drive. I don’t want the drive and i dont want to pay an extra $200. Don’t also forget that Sony is losing alot of exclusive games that are making their way to the 360. Not a good indication.

    Actually, at the moment XBOX360 has more RPG games coming up than the PC!(you can check on gamespot for future titles). Unless of course you mean kiddy anime RPGs.

  4. Mmmm… getting a 360 is there on my list. This looks like a good option. On the other hand, I wonder how much the price will drop on the regular 360s.

  5. so you selling your current xbox?

  6. lfc-q8

    Carlsb3rg but in the very near future games will be on blue ray :) so then the xbox will come out with another xbox to support the format so with sony u pay once with xbox hmmmm i guess hmmm keep counting :)
    dont get me wrong i have both and the xbox so far is better and the hd dvd is way much better the blueray, but blueray will survive the format war

  7. Carlsb3rg

    not necessarily, MS already announced that if blu-ray wins the war, they’d probably support it (another add-on my guess is).

    I didnt get ur point about games being on blu-ray discs? how would that effect xbox360?

  8. Yeah yeah I have seen it. But honestly, I think it is a rip off especially for those who already own the “White” 360. Didn’t Microsoft learn anything from Sony…I wonder.

    However, if I’m getting a 360, then I’m getting the white one to compliment my Wii and Mac collection.

  9. lfc-q8

    Carlsb3rg the hd dvd on the xbox only plays movies thats it, the bd on the ps3 will support games

  10. lfc-Q8: I agree the 360 does have more games and more entertainment! Sell your 360 and buy the new one, thats what I’m planning on doing! hehehe! The PS3 had too many problems from the start but now the 360 has very little problems!

    Missy: More games on X-Box 360!

    Carlsb3rg: I agree but now you get more value for your money with this HD! Like you said a lot of games are going to 360 for some reason and its because of Sony.

    Sabah: Now is a good time with the Elite! The regular ones they said won’t drop it price, that is what MS anounced earlier.

    Mark: Maybe! hehehe

    Angelo: Don’t complain! You know your getting it!

  11. Carlsb3rg


    the ONLY advantage in blu-ray games is more content. Which means large games that take you like 50-70 hours to finish will take you 150+ hours to finish. No thanks.

  12. lfc-q8

    Carlsb3rg better grafix :)

  13. Carlsb3rg

    Blu-Ray has nothing to do with graphics.

  14. lfc-q8

    the ability to store more data on the disk will give u better graphics

  15. Carlsb3rg

    sorry but you dont know what ur talking about. More storage does not lead to better graphics.

    If I have a PC with GeForce whatever, and i buy a game on a regular CD and the same game on a DVD disk, the game will remain the SAME.

    A media storage disk does not have the ability to render graphics.

  16. lfc-q8

    Carlsb3rg ok u know every thing :) but who said that blueray will render… more storage = more data = more details like dvd and hd-dvd because the hd dvd has more capacity
    xbox games now are better the ps3 no doubt but xbox has a 1 year head start and the first xbox games wernt as good as they are now
    i dont want to pick sides its up to you what consol u choose i have both and i love them both
    btw ps3 games now are on blueray :)

  17. Carlsb3rg, lfc-q8: loved your debate, lots of interesting pieces of information!

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