KFC Mighty Zinger


My friend was very adiment about trying the KFC Zinger he says its all new and he wants to try it. So I cave in and order this large Zinger with some fries! What it came it was pretty big, and it looked pretty good! I enjoyed their fries as well!

I took a bite into the sandwich and I just kept going at it! Its a pretty good sandwich, I wasn’t expecting it to be that good! I think I will be ordering this sandwich in the near future! I’m one those people that stopped eating KFC for a while, but this tastes good and I know when not to ask questions! hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Can you mail me one?? The KFC here (Cyprus) sucks!! And we don’t have it in Finland! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???!!!

    So save me the half next time!? :)

  2. Purgatory

    I will not comment on this post, as it does not do much to my hunger.

  3. so you selling your xbox? you need the black one for 1080p plus it goes nicer in your room and stuff

  4. is this the one you get by collecting three large pepsi bottle caps?

  5. the last time i had KFC i ended up in the emergency at Mubarak -_-

  6. damn the US KFC its not as good
    as my friend says “if its not cooked by a nasty egyptian, then its not KFC”

  7. Zabo0o6a

    why does ur sandwich look so go0d? i oredered from kfc the last time and it wasn’t that apetizing i gave it to my brother.

  8. If anything, I would think eating that would have caused a serious heartburn for you. :/

  9. sometimes your food posts make me so hungry… this one doesn’t! Look at all that mayooo yekhhhh :S

  10. Nora: Its huge! I don’t think Fed Ex or DHL makes that fast a delivery! hehehe!

    Purg: looool!

    Mark: Maybe, end of April! hehehe!

    arabianfox: I don’t know, I just ordered it!

    Laialy: Damn! Salamaat! Thats why I don’t ask questions!

    Yazeed: looooool! Nasty Egyptian 3aad! hahaha

    Zabo0o6a: I don’t know! I think they knew I was going to blog about it maybe?!?

    3baid: I’m telling you the wierdest things cause me heartburn!

    EniGma: looooool!

  11. Jewaira

    Have Purgatory make you some chicken. He’s good at that :P

  12. Jewaira: I think he might poison me at this point!

  13. flamer500

    lol i tried it and I LOVE IT MAN THE BEST BURGER EVER

  14. i love to eat mighty zinger best zinger burger eveer

  15. hotiana

    yummy………..love it

  16. AMIR

    i am the biggest most addicted guy on this planet to KFC MIGHTY ZINGER
    i eat it almost every day
    and here in egypt if you keep complain at the restaurant that the sandwich is bad they are going to give a bigger better one (try this trick) :d

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