Night Shots


I have been trying to take some photographs at night, but when on the bike I can only take my point and shoot camera with me since I can’t carry any equipment. I do have two good cameras to take night shots with, especially the Canon Rebel XT would do an amazing job. I want to get the light reflecting off the red, to give it that mysterious look at night.

I wish I could do a better job with these night shot, this camera doesn’t do this machine justice. With the light hitting the parked Ducati, it gives off this feeling of evil and mystery. I will try setting it up so that I could take some pictures at night at the right spot with the right camera. I just have to carry the gear.





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  1. everytime i go over ur blog, it feels like i’m getting into porn. i love it :* thnx :P

  2. Laialy: Evil Lurking in the night!

    Nora: I will try my best!

    Transparently: hehehe! Evil!

    nQ: looool! bike porn?? hehehe!

  3. wow no matter how many times I see the 1098 I never get bored. just amazing. also good to see more creative shots. heres my two cents
    1. experiment with crazy light angles. the spot light doesnt always have to be directly aimed at the bike. you could have some hanging from the front three quarters or skewed from the front towards the rear(so that all the angles on the fairing are accented)
    2. shoot the headlight shots at a lower or higher level so as to minimise glare from the headlights.

    Keep em coming !! :)

  4. Mathew: Thanks for all the pointers, the porblem is that I don’t have my own light source so I can’t change the angles! I will shoot the headlights a little lower though! :) Thanks!

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