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Robo Upgrades



And some of you thought I had no love for Robo! Well I just had to break in the Ducati over the past few weeks, and so Robo was parked for a bit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love that bike! Robo had a few parts on order which have improved a little looks, and made things easier on me in regards to the pulling in the clutch and brakes. I keep forgetting how much torque this machine has, everytime I get back on this machine I get amazed how much power bmw packed into it, its really something the desingers and engineers went crazy with and I love it. It took me a bit to get used to the handling again, but it handles and has the power! Love the sound of the engine and exhaust!

Adjustable Lever Set

The one thing I dont like about most bikes is the levers. The levers on the K1200R is too big in my opinion, some people my feel differently. These levers are shorter with adjustable distance from your fingers. If you use two or three fingers for shifting or breaking then you wont be crushing your pinky or other fingers because of the way this lever is shaped. So I think this is an extremely needed upgrade! The distance from the hand can be adjusted two ways and the length of the lever can be adjusted as well. Loving it!



Tail Light “Triton 2”

This upgrade is an all LED Brake light which gives a different look to the back end of the bike, previous it was all red so this change gave it a different look.



Rizoma Paralever Strut

This strut is lighter and just as strong as the standard strut. And it looks really cool since the whole bottom of the bike is powder coated black this is a little different since its a silver Rizoma Paralever Strut.


Carbon Fiber Heel Gaurds
The heel gaurds just continue the look of the of the caron fiber pieces cross the bike.