TV Day


Went over to my cousin’s pad and we had a tv filled day. We started off our day with 300 and even though we both have see it, and we still can’t get enough!




Then we watched about 5 episodes of Friday Night Lights and I really like the show! Its interesting seeing how this show is developing, and I have to say the story is pretty damn good! I really like Matt the QB, and Riggins in the series!

We also had about 4 scoops of 31 Baskin Robbins Orange Sherbert which was perfect in the middle of the day. Riding in the mornin and then chilling at night!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Good for you! Doing things you like, with the right people!! :)

    I’m so excited my ice-cream man will be opening next week right opposite my husband’s work place! (He closes in winters)… He makes his own Ice-creams and they are so GOOD!!! I’ll post about him as soon as his open! :D

  2. I wish they would just get rid of Jason Street and Lyla, they are boring to the series. Riggins and Tyra are more than enough. Oh and Matt and Julie.

  3. Nora: Thanks! Sweet, ice cream! Gotta love it! Post some pics and let me know!

    Jacqui: Yeah I agree with you, Jason streets is annoying me a bit! Layla is quiet hawt though! hehehe! Matt is funny!

    Missy: Watch it! Its damn good!

    Laialy: yeah I did! I want more!

  4. Lyla is not hawt, I love Tyra’s hottness and the latest episode finally showed Street in a different light which is what they should’ve done a few episodes ago!

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