1000 At Last!

It has been a couple of weeks since I recieved the Ducati! And at last I have reached the break-in mark! its not 1000 Kms exactly, I got it to 1121 Kms after this weekend. So I managed to ride over 500 Kms this weekend which is better then my previous weekends. I will be calling Tristar to see when I can get it serviced, and I also have a few parts which shall be fitted. I still have to keep things in line until 1500 Kms, but at this rate it won’t be that much longer.

  • Tinted Windshield
  • Ducati Racing Clutch

I think those are the only two parts that need to be installed, I’m not sure if they recieved the other parts I asked for. There is a few tweaks that I hope they can work out with the Ducati regarding when I’m coming to a stop and its just about to idle, it sometimes causes the bike to stall which doesn’t happen too often, but its seems some other owners seem to be having an issue. Its minor in comparison to my whole riding experience.

That aside I am still thinking about the names!

Right now there are a few:

  • Dante (Evil in essence)
  • Demon
  • Diablo
  • Blaze
  • Spitfire
  • Vulcan
  • Titan
  • Spartan
  • Pyro

Five names I’m leaning towards are Dante (The Evil Count), Vulcan, Blaze, Diablo, and Pyro (Like playing with fire). Thanks to everyone who is giving their opinion! It has been hard to name this beast since he is something special, and I want it to be just right!






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  1. i’m hurt you didn’t think about Chupacabra

    never mind, i’m over it :p

    Dante or Diablo is pretty nice

  2. My car is called Diablo hehehe because its as red as your bike :P But I like Dante as well.

  3. MZzee darling.. when I see your bright red Ducati I can imagine how good it would look right by my Loucy at GumBall :P hehehe I still have hope I’m going in this lifetime :P

    For names darling.. I don’t know why but TORO seems like the right pick for me..

    and the reason why is evident ;)

  4. Congrats on the new beast.. such a great bike.. I hope you enjoy it safely.. btw.. the hardcore is for sale.. if you know anyone interested in high end one of a kind custom machines, drop me a line at [email protected]

    Thanks bro.. and happy biking.. ;)

  5. Loca in Kuwait


  6. Ok, I know I said don’t listen to any suggestions, but here they are anyway ;P

    From mythology:
    Helios- God of the Sun, much better than Hellion the vegetable hehe
    Vulcan- God of fire

  7. what happened to the rest of my comment? :/ ashwa i copied it lol. here it is:

    From constellations:
    Orion- the hunter
    Draco- the dragon
    Lynx- the lynx

    From my favorite fantasy series:
    Meraxes- name of a dragon

    U mentioned Dante sounds evil, it doesn’t at all lol when I first read it I thought of Dante the poet and the Divine Comedy!.
    I love Orion, but I can see why u’re having a hard time choosing! Vulcan, Pyro, Blaze, all r fitting!

  8. I do like the name Dante… 1500 km is very close. I’m so excited for you!

  9. G-Funk: Thank you so very much! I love it!

    Laialy: Chupacabra is too mexican! yeah I like Dante and Diablo too!

    Jacqui: But I have the real Diablo! hehehe! Dante is cool too!

    DiiGMaa: We can aim for gumball and I would make all the stops on the Ducati! hehehe! Toro is fatty Tuna! hahaha!

    The Don: Hey Don I will email a few people regarding your bike! And Thanks! I hope you are still riding!

    Loca: ok Diablo.. hmm

    EniGma: Vulcan… hmmm, yeah those other names fit as well and they are difficult!

    Nora: Yeah Dante sounds good too, and I’m close!

    trixter: So do I but it needs a little something not sure what though!

  10. Marzouq :

    you are welcome.. glad that you’ve enjoied it :-)

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