Chicken Anyone?


So yesterday after roaming around on the bike a bit I stopped by my brother’s pad to get a bite to eat! And I was really feeling like chicken today! If you want a description of my appetite then think “Cookie Monster with cookies in front of him” that was me! Who doesn’t like Muchboos Chicken in Kuwait, it just tastes so damn good and you just want to take a nap after that! I just decided to take easy to some degree since I know I was going to be riding on my bike after that! And it was one hell of ride to say the least! Full stomach and full tank!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fats

    Lucky you! The food looks amazing.I’ve read so much about your bike rides now that whenever i see someone zooming by i always think of you :)

  2. interesting combo..machboos diyay and a roaring bike ride! :> but it stil makes you sound tuff !

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    The food looks so good!! The bread on the second plate looks just like tortillas!!!! Whoever cooked this seems to be an amazing cook, it looks so tasty!

  4. purgatory72

    la khalas, 7atmoooooooooooooot ya3ni 7atmoooooooooooooot!

  5. *Crying*…. Why do you keep doing this to me??? It’s not fair! I can’t even look at those pictures with out missing Kuwait! :(

    If I ever get to come to Kuwait again, you will invite me and feed me all those Kuwaiti dishes that I’m missing and you teasing me about with your pics! Or then you’ll be a dead man!

  6. *drooling*
    yeah yeah chicken is grea6
    chicken machboos
    chicken em6abag
    chicken sandwich
    chicken soup
    chicken grilled
    *still drooling*

  7. Fats: hehehe! I’m happy seeing people on bikes!

    nooony: tuff! Full of Chicken and still going fast! hehehe

    Loca: Yeah it was pretty good! The bread is indian chapati!

    Purg: loooooooool! Its alll you!

    Nora: I can’t help it, I love my food! hehehe! I will feed you don’t worry!!!

    Laialy: yup chicken is great!:) Chicken scallop! hehehe

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