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Heart to Heart


Since I haven’t ridden Robo for over 5 weeks (3 weeks waiting for replacement parts and 2 weeks since the Ducati came in!), he seems to be acting up on me a bit! I can’t blame him! So while I was riding I came to a stop to take pictures I thought about not shutting the bike off and keep the bike running, but then I thought it was hot. So I shut off the bike and started taking my shots in a nice empty area.

After finishing up I got back on Robo and started him up, well I tried. He didn’t start, and he seemed very stubborn about it. So after a few tries, I thought it was best to stop. I opened up the manual and read up all the details about the battery, and the multiple warnings that are associated with it. The details and description is very clear, and all the tools were in bike. I have to commend BMW for their logical thinking, for once a motorcycle company put the battery, and leads where it is accessible, I know some companies put it under the tank to lower the center of gravity, but in this case it was under the top panel and readily accessible. I called home and we had the jumper cables and the driver wasn’t so I asked him to come in Landcruiser with the cables. It took him about 12 minutes to get there.

Then the Landcruiser and Robo had a heart to heart and he decided to start up. During the whole thing I really couldn’t blame him for being that way. After things were going a little better I decided to go for a little ride around the area, and I remembered how powerful Robo is and what he can do! He just eats up the ground and has more to go! So much grunt power! I love it! It was an interesting day!