After a long time of riding and being extremely thirsty sometimes I want something different, and its not water or a soda. Then I got a cup of lemonade and that really satisfied me! Who doesn’t love lemonade with their own type of twist in it and if you are craving one, it is just so damn good. After being so thirsty from riding the Lemonade goes down so smoothly. The right amount of sweetness, coldness, and slight mint mix!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yummy!! sounds and looks good especially with mint!!

  2. i have a friend here who has a lemon tree and makes fresh lemonade
    *starts to drool a bit*
    sometimes she gives me some to take home ^_^
    i really love her hehehe

  3. We have a lenom tree and my brother in law makes the most perfect lemonade ever!! :D

  4. Nano

    That just looks so tempting ! I LOVE LEMON

  5. zabo0o6a

    i stopped drinking soda since 5 yrs ago , so i really enjoy any kind o juice and ur pic lo0ks very tempting ;)

  6. Swair: available!

    Cyber: same here!

    NoNowa: hit the spot!

    Laialy: You have a very good friend!
    Nora: Just make sure nobody cuts the tree! hehehe

    Nano: Yeah it was good!

  7. Rakan

    cooool,,,,,,,,yeebaaaaaa shaaaaalaihnaaaaaa:))))00000

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