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No Heart


This is about the people driving on the road, not everyone but just about. I have been riding bikes for almost two years in Kuwait, and I have been riding for five years in the US. I know that there is an inherent danger in riding, and riding in Kuwait is at another level of its own.

This is about when I’m holding my own lane or planning to pass car. I have been swept aside by cars who want to get into the lane, or people who just don’t care even after noticing. Its as if the drivers don’t care about hurting other people, they don’t give space or move out of the way. My riding is extremely tactful, I know I’m an aggressive rider, but I really have to curb myself when there are cars on the road because you really have to expect the worse from them. Even after they notice you, some people try to squeeze you in, and I have a situation where a man after seeing opens his doors intentionally and looks me in the face, acting like he wants to get something out of the back. I didn’t react to him, I just let it go and moved on. The thing is I know that in Kuwait a hit and run isn’t considered a really serious offense and they don’t make a real effort to find the person who caused the accident, so if they hit you they would just run away while your laying on the ground.

I knew that people drive badly in Kuwait, but I didn’t think that they had no heart to the point they don’t care about inflicting pain to a person riding a motorcycle. I try to ride fast enough to Keep my distance from all cars because its safer to be riding alone on the road then next to other cars.

And that aside, I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who gives a motorcycle space to ride through while stopped at traffic or lets them through when they are going faster, or even being considerate to them. Those who give me space I always wave to, because I want them to do that again to any other person on a motorcycle. I want to thank those people who are considerate to those motorcyclists who are idiots on the motorcycles who are trying to slow traffic down to look at someone or to perform stunts in the middle of traffic, I know they are stupid, but thank you to those who are considerate enough not to hurt them.

Its frustrating try to get people to respect or be considerate to motorcyclists on the road when there are idiots on motorcyclist, but thank you to everyone who is! This was just on my mind after a few good and bad experiences I have had with people on the road! I will always keep riding, and keep on riding! And I want anyone who does ride to enjoy it!