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Sony GIGA Juke Units


At last somebody has come up with something that satisfies all my requiements! I don’t know wy no one came up with something like this from a while back now.

This is the perfect solution to listening to your digital music without switching the computer on!

NAS-50HDE bookshelf system:

  • 80GB hard drive. (Music transfered from PCs, ripped from CDs, recorded from Radio, and analog sources)
  • 16x CD Reader and it can tage your songs.
  • 4.3-inch color display to browse through tracks.
  • It can sync with your Sony Walkman, Walkman phone, PSP, other machiens they might have in mind.

NAC-HD1E deck handles all those same duties, but loses the speakers, beefs up the audio componentry, and offers 250GB of storage.

I would be going for the unit without the speaekers since it can store a large amount music and I can utiliza my own speakers!


Link: Engadget