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Traveling To and Back


We got a few things on the list to complete and for that to be done we need to travel to two or three countries at this point. So we have a few things on the list at this point!

  1. Tuesday: Going to Saudi by car. Traveling for 3.5 to 4 hours to the location, then have our meeting, grab a bite to eat, then drive back.
  2. Wendesday: Go to Lebanon in the afternoon, brainstorm on Wednesday, meetings all Thursday, come back Friday morning.

There is still one or two trips which need to be planned. I dont think I will be enjoying this weekend what so ever since there is a lot of work and I ‘m hoping to get some riding on Friday since by that time I will be getting my bike back by then! All this travel and all I can think about is riding my bike! The weather will only be cool for a little while longer! And I don’t think this is proper visit to Lebanon since this is my first visit since 2001, I might need to come back again to see it properly, this time too much work! Saudi will be an interesting drive for sure!