Ducati Pick Up


Tristar came by last night to pick up the Ducati to take it to workshop. I was happy that it was being handled right but I still didn’t want my bike leaving its home.

Things to be done:

  • 1K Service
  • Tinted Windshield
  • Racing Clutch
  • Tweaking of Throttle to adjust a slight issue

I have complete trust in the techies at Tristar and I would like my bike back as soon as humanely possible. It is just something about not having the bike in my garage when I walk down that feels a bit strange.

I’m still stuck at the naming stage, I think I will have him named by the end of this weekend, so while I’m traveling I can think about it!





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  1. i kinda know this feeling when ur machine is not in the garage,, i had a car that was like my baby girl

    and ur bike is a Spitfire all the way.. look at it! isn’t it ?! “

  2. lfc-Q8

    z why the Racing Clutch?
    why dont u name it “Count Dooku” from star wars :)

  3. Biohazard

    Name it z3tar or mohammad.

  4. I hope he’ll be ok with out you close to him for the coming days! ;) I’m sure He’ll be missing you though!

    The name will come to you for sure! Don’t stress about it that much!

  5. tekhayal ba3ad kil hatha tsamee z3tar LOL.

  6. Can’t you see what you are doing?
    you are hurting robo’s feeling
    i think robo wants to come and live with me :p

  7. Slip Stream

    Dont over-think the name…
    all you gotta call it is “S”…. stick a fork in the issue, cuz its DONE!
    S = Superman
    S = Sexy
    S = Stupendious
    S = Sionara (a ill jab at the japs, if you dig what I’m sayin)
    S = Sliminy Slim Slim
    S = Seekal (bike bil kuwati)

    Should I continue..???

  8. vampire: yeah! Its that strange feeling! loool! Spitfire, just not enough soul to it!

    lfc-Q8: Count Dooku, hmmmm nice! Racing clutch because I shift hard and it looks nice!

    Biohazard: hahahaha

    Nora: Not stressing just anxious! hehehe!

    EniGma: loooooooooool! Za3tar!

    Laialy: Loool! Just so you know, Robo turns into a big robot of armor for protection purposes!

    SlipStream: hahaha! love the names! I think I know what I want at this time!

  9. Marzouq:
    i would like to see that with my own two eyes @@

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