Quick Meeting in Saudi


That was one hell of a drive! Over 750 Kilometers traveled and I head my foot to the floor the whole time! I lost count how many cops in Saudi I flashed! We left Kuwait around 10:30am and got to Damaam by 1:30pm and of course with my driving and navigation skills in this area I was going no where fast! hehehe

I have a lot of pictures to put up and we had very little time to do anything last night! Our meeting went for about 4 hours, so by the time we left we only got to Kuwait by 10:30pm and I had to make a quick stop at work to finish up some work before leaving the next day as well!

Didn’t get home until 12:30 am and I had to pack for my flight the next day! I passed out! I woke up the next morning with all my paperwork still open! I passed out without realiziing how tired I was.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Good driving!! :D

    I hope you get some rest when you’re back from Lebanon! ;)

  2. Is that really the road to Saudi ? looks nice

  3. Allah e3eenik
    couldn’t you just do a video conference instead of driving down to Saudi?
    does the land have cruise control?

  4. Nora: I needed that rest!

    MAthew: Just a desert road, but in Saudi it isn’t as nicely paved!

    Laialy: nope, its a bit better face to face! Yeah it does!

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